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Molslinjen Buys Danske Færger

On 10 October 2018, the Competition Authority approved the transfer from all shares from Danske Færger A/S to Molslinjen A/S. 

Sellers are Bornholmstrafikken Holding A/S and Clipper Group A/S. 

 Molslinjen currently operates the ferries Aarhus-Odden and Ebeltoft-Odden, and since 1 September 2018 also the ferries on Bornholm. 

 Molslinjen will continue the four Færgen ferry routes under the following names: 

  • Bøjden-Fynshav = Allinjen (formerly Alsfærgen) 
  • Esbjerg-Fanø = Fanølinjen (Fanøfærgen) 
  • Kalundborg-Samsø = Samsølinjen (Samsøfærgen) 

Spodsbjerg-Taars = Langelandslinjen (Langelandsfærgen) 

 Until all condition shave been met, Danske Færger A/S will continue under the same management and in accordance with the same business principles as before.

Molslinjen Might Buy Danske Færger

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Molslinjen, the company that takes over the concession for the Bornholm routes from Danske Færger as from 1 September 2018, has decided to acquire Danske Færger entirely.

Molslinjen notified the Danish Competition and Consumer Agency of the merger. The latter will now have to approve the transaction. All interested parties are invited to comment on the merger by 4 July 2018 at 12:00am. Link below. Danske Færger A/S is owned by Bornholmstrafikken Holding A/S (50%) and Clipper Group A/S (50%).  Bornholmstrafikken Holding A/S is 100% owned by the Danish Ministry of Transport.

Routes operated by Molslinjen now

  • Aarhus – Odden
  • Ebeltoft – Odden.

Routes operated by Danske Færger now:

With public service contract:

  • Bornholm, Rønne – Køge and Rønne – Ystad
  • Ballen – Kalundborg
  • Spodsbjerg – Tårs
  • Bøjden – Fynshav

Without public service contract:

  • Fanø – Esbjerg
  • Rønne – Sassnitz

Link to the Danish Competition and Consumer Agency (Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsen)

Molslinjen to give high-speed ferries MAX MOLS and EXPRESS 1 a facelift

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During one month MAX MOLS (InCat, 1998) is in drydock for maintenance. She will also have a new lift, to connect car deck and accommodation. She will be ready on November 5.
In May she will be withdrawn from service again, for a complete refurbishment of her accommodation.
On November 6, EXPRESS 1 (InCat, 2009) will enter drydock for works which will last until mid January 2018. It is unclear how, but she will get 400 more passenger seats.

Source: TV2 Bornholm Photo: MAX MOLS © InCat

When public money threatens a commercial ferry operation 

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“It is hard to compete with tax money,” says Molslinjen’s CEO Carsten Jensen. He refers to the agreement between the Danish Government and the Dansk Folkeparti, where it has been promised to lower the crossing prices over the Great Belt Bridge by 25 per cent. Carsten Jensen calls it a distortion of the market. 

Molslinjen carries more than 1.3 million cars and nearly 2.8 million passengers a year on the routes Aarhus-Odden and Ebeltoft-Odden. On September 1, 2018, Molslinjen will take over the Bornholmroute. 

Photo: Molslinjen’s CEO Carsten Jensen ©Molslinjen