The worlds two largest hydrogen fuelled ships to be built in Norway

April 19, 2024

Torghatten Nord finally confirmed that the Norwegian yard Myklebust Verft will build the two hydrogen ferries that will cross the Vestfjord between Bodø and Lofoten.

Each of the two 117m long ferries will have a capacity of 120 cars and 599 passengers. As the ferries will operate in the outer Vestfjorden in Lofoten, one of the longest and most challenging ferry routes in Norway, they are designed with closed car decks and a special hull design for operate in exposed waters. The vessels incorporate new technology, ensuring safety and comfort for passengers and crew without compromising.

The ferries will be the world’s largest hydrogen-powered vessels and will feature the largest hydrogen installation ever installed on a ship. Each vessel will have 6400 kW of fuel cells with associated auxiliary systems. The onboard hydrogen is stored in compressed form.

The ferries are designed for 100% zero-emission and feature a multi-hybrid propulsion system with hydrogen-electric as the primary mode and diesel-electric as the secondary mode.

Source, more info and rendering: Norwegian Ship Design