CLdN establishes Baltic connection with Transfennica

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CLdN and Transfennica will link their shipping services in Zeebrugge to offer customers broader connections across Northern and Western Europe.

Transfennica’s Northern Baltic service between Antwerp and the ports of Hanko, Kotka, Rauma (Finland) and Paldiski (Estonia) will call at CLdN’s Albert II terminal in Zeebrugge every other Thursday, enabling the exchange of northbound and southbound cargo.

The first call is scheduled for Thursday, 25th July.

This combination will facilitate the transshipment of containers, tank containers, trailers, reefers, automotive units, self-drives, breakbulk, and other special cargo such as mobile machinery.

It will provide excellent connectivity between the furthest reaches of Northern and Western Europe – Iberia, Ireland, the UK, Scandinavia, and the Northern Baltics. Both companies will share freight loading equipment, thereby maximising the efficiency of each transshipment.

Interview with Dr. Emanuele Grimaldi, head of the Grimaldi Group and President of ICS

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Interview with Dr. Emanuele Grimaldi, head of the Grimaldi Group and President of ICS

In collaboration with Jan-Philip Eckmann we have the pleasure to share the article published in RoPax 12 (May 2023). Key points discussed include:

  1. Fleet Expansion and Innovation: Grimaldi has introduced 12 new RoRo Eco-class vessels, ordered 15 ammonia-ready Pure Car & Truck Carriers, and plans to use innovative technologies such as the “gate rudder” to reduce carbon intensity by 50%.
  2. 2022 Performance: 2022 was the best year in Grimaldi’s history, surpassing 2021, with notable performance from Grimaldi Lines, ACL, and Finnlines.
  3. Baltic Sea Operations: Finnlines reported strong results due to new Eco-class vessels, increased passenger numbers, and the introduction of a new Irish service.
  4. New Services and Competition: New services between Sweden and Poland have started, and new Super Star RoPax vessels have been introduced between Finland and Sweden, despite reduced cargo to Russia.
  5. Environmental Initiatives: Grimaldi focuses on sustainability, with plans for ammonia-ready propulsion systems, carbon capture technologies, and solar panels on new vessels. The group also proposes a tax and reward system to incentivize the use of green fuels.
  6. Market and Route Developments: Grimaldi’s new routes include Naples to Palermo and expanded services in the Balearic Islands. They see potential in Igoumenitsa for growth in cargo traffic from Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, and Turkey.
  7. Digitalization and AI: The company has optimized routes using digitalization, achieving 3% fuel savings, and plans further advancements in AI for operational efficiency.
  8. Future Fuel and Emission Strategies: Grimaldi explores various zero-carbon fuels and carbon capture techniques, aiming to comply with global emission targets by 2050. The company advocates for a global approach to carbon taxation led by the IMO.

The interview highlights Grimaldi’s commitment to innovation, environmental responsibility, and strategic growth in the shipping industry.


Port of Antwerp-Bruges joins Green Port Corridor DFDS to have two hybrid ammonia-electric RoRo vessels by 2030

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  • Port of Gothenburg, North Sea Port, and DFDS welcome Port of Antwerp-Bruges.
  • Aim to bolster green ambitions and create the world’s first green ammonia shipping corridor for freight vessels.

Route Details:

  • Corridor spans 2,500 kilometres, connecting Sweden and Belgium.
  • Potentially connects 11 European countries from Norway in the north to Spain in the south.
  • Ports of Gothenburg, North Sea Port, and Antwerp-Bruges serve as transportation hubs and zones of industrial activity.

Raised Ambitions:

  • Goal to have at least two DFDS hybrid ammonia-electric RoRo vessels in operation on the corridor by 2030.
  • Part of DFDS’s plan to operate six low- and near-zero-emission vessels by 2030.
  • Ammonia vessels to be complemented by electric trucks, rail transport, and onshore power supply.

Electrification and Renewable Energy:

  • Intensified efforts by ports to facilitate electric terminal operations and safe ammonia bunkering.
  • Partners plan to produce significant amounts of renewable electricity.

MoU and Collaboration:

  • Original partners signed an MoU in 2022 to decarbonise the shipping corridor and create a scalable solution.
  • Addition of Port of Antwerp-Bruges strengthens this commitment.

Funding and Emission Reduction:

  • DFDS has applied for funding for four ammonia-fuelled vessels.
  • If funded, the project is expected to reduce 328,000 tonnes of CO2e emissions per year, about 11% of DFDS’s scope 1 GHG emissions compared to 2023. ​

ENOVA grant for the retrofit Samskip LNG RoRo with fuel cells and hydrogen fuel

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TECO 2030, BLOM Maritime and Samskip receive ENOVA (*) grant to retrofit Samskip LNG RoRo Kvitnos with fuel cells and hydrogen fuel.

  • Project Partners: TECO 2030, BLOM Maritime, and Samskip.
  • Objective: Retrofit Samskip’s LNG vessel Kvitnos, with TECO 2030 fuel cells and hydrogen fuel.
  • Scope: Preparation for an investment decision and long-term hydrogen fuel supply contracts.
  • Engineering Support: BLOM Maritime to provide documentation and preliminary approval for the retrofit.
  • Samskip’s Commitment: Targeting net-zero emissions by 2040, with multiple hydrogen projects underway.

For more details, visit TECO 2030 news.

(*) About Enova: Is a Norwegian state-owned enterprise. Ownership is managed by the Ministry of Climate and Environment (KLD).

Photo: Wikimedia

Color Group AS acquires the remaining shares in ONS Ship Finance AS

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Color Group AS has agreed to purchase 61.4% of ONS Ship Finance AS from its parent company, O.N. Sunde AS, for NOK 400 million, based on an independent valuation.

This acquisition will be settled by offsetting intercompany balances.

Color Group AS, through Color Line AS, already owns 38.6% of ONS Ship Finance AS, thus becoming the sole owner of RoPax SuperSpeed 2.

Source: Euronext

Q4 Traffic of Passengers, Goods, and Mobile Units in Greek Ports

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  1. Passenger Traffic:
    • Total passenger traffic increased by 11.1% in Q4 2023 compared to Q4 2022.
    • A previous increase of 19.1% was recorded when comparing Q4 2022 to Q4 2021.
    • Domestic passengers saw an 11.7% increase in Q4 2023, while international passengers decreased by 1.4%.
  2. Goods Movement:
    • Total goods movement decreased by 1.1% in Q4 2023 compared to Q4 2022.
    • This follows a previous decrease of 4.4% from Q4 2021 to Q4 2022.
    • Domestic goods movement slightly decreased by 1.0% in Q4 2023, while international goods movement saw a minor decrease of 1.2%.
  3. Mobile Units Traffic:
    • Total traffic of mobile units increased by 6.8% in Q4 2023 compared to Q4 2022.
    • An increase of 8.5% was noted from Q4 2021 to Q4 2022.
    • Domestic mobile units traffic rose by 7.7%, while international mobile units traffic decreased by 3.6%.

Detailed Statistics:

  • Passenger Traffic:
    • Total in Q4 2023: 6,140,886 (11.1% increase from Q4 2022).
    • Domestic: 5,897,305 passengers (11.7% increase).
    • International: 243,581 passengers (1.4% decrease).
  • Goods Movement:
    • Total in Q4 2023: 35,705,132 tonnes (1.1% decrease from Q4 2022).
    • Domestic: 6,898,200 tonnes (1.0% decrease).
    • International: 28,806,932 tonnes (1.2% decrease).
      • Unloaded: 16,507,161 tonnes (5.5% decrease).
      • Loaded: 12,299,771 tonnes (5.2% increase).
  • Mobile Units Traffic:
    • Total in Q4 2023: 2,252,067 units (6.8% increase from Q4 2022).
    • Domestic: 2,085,883 units (7.7% increase).
    • International: 166,184 units (3.6% decrease).

For further details, the full report is available on the ELSTAT website.


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Godby Shipping’s RoRo Midas has been time-chartered by CMA CGM until December 2026.

Before, Midas will undergo class renewal docking in Turkey. After the dry dock, Midas will replace Mimer (photo) in the Caribbean.

Subsequently, Mimer will go for her class renewal docking and will then be available for new opportunities.

Godby Shipping estimates that the dry docking of both vessels will extend their lifespans by approximately 10 years.

Last week, DFDS took part in the opening of Milence’s third truck charging park in the Port of Antwerp-Bruges. This new facility, featuring ten powerful CCS chargers with a capacity of up to 400 kW each, supports 20 parking spaces for electric trucks. It is the largest charging park in Europe and the first in Belgium, providing significant support for DFDS’s position as Europe’s largest electric heavy-duty truck fleet operator.

Source: DFDS on Linkedin

Irish Ferries’ new Oscar Wilde started operating on Calais-Dover. The vessel is well-known on this route. She was the Spirit of Britain and operated for P&O Ferries since 2011.

Irish Ferries will have this vessel together with Isle of Inishmore and Isle of Inisheer on the English Channel.

Attica Group’s RoPax Superfast XI has been undergoing annual maintenance at the Perama repair zone since May 20, 2024. The popular red ship was also dry docked and is expected to return to her Adriatic service (Patras-Igoumenitsa-Ancona route) on June 30, 2024. She was built in Germany in 2002. Her carrying capacity is 1,820 passengers and 650 cars (1,920 lane meters). She can ply at 28 knots.

Photo: Kostas Papadopoulos

Salamis Lines’ RoRo Akritas is also at the Perama repair zone for her scheduled annual repairs and dry docking. The ship left her Lavrion (Greece) – Limassol (Cyprus) service on June 6 and is expected to return to service on June 22, 2024. She was built in Finland in 1982.

Photo: Dimitris Mendakis

DFDS to sell Oslo-Frederikshavn-Copenhagen route to Gotlandsbolaget

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DFDS has agreed to sell the Oslo-Frederikshavn-Copenhagen cruise ferry route to Gotlandsbolaget, with the sale expected to be completed in October 2024.

The Oslo-Frederikshavn-Copenhagen route

  • 700,000 passengers annually
  • Limited freight
  • Two cruise ferries: Pearl Seaways and Crown Seaways
  • 800 employees
  • Generated DKK 0.9bn in revenue in 2023, representing 3% of DFDS Group’s total revenue.
  • A long-standing part of DFDS since its foundation in 1866 and an important public service in Denmark and Norway.

The sale includes the two ferries, terminal and port agreements, and 800 employees, with DFDS providing certain support services post-sale for a limited time. The sale price is around DKK 400m.

The deal comes about a year after Gotlandsbolaget bought Birka Stockholm (now Birka Gotland) . It is for the Swedish company yet another step in the strategic direction to expand in passenger shipping.

The two vessels will not be reflagged in connection with the transaction and no layoffs are planned as part of the transfer of the route.

New Intermodal Route for DFDS: Connecting Finland, the UK, and the Continent

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DFDS launched a new intermodal route that connects Finland, the UK, and the Continent.

In partnership with TX Logistik AG and Wasaline, this innovative route combines ferry and rail transport for a seamless connection. The journey begins in Vaasa, Finland, continues by ferry to Umeå, Sweden, proceeds by rail to Gothenburg, and then reaches Immingham, Ghent, or Zeebrugge via DFDS Ferry.

With two weekly round trips and reliable capacity year-round, DFDS’ expert team manages all segments and customs documentation, making this route perfect for those looking to reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Source: DFDS Freight Ferries and Logistics on Linkedin

Danish shipyard secures order for an electric ferry for Torghatten

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Hvide Sande Shipyard in Denmark has secured the contract for a ferry, capable of carrying 30 cars and 149 passengers.

The ferry will operate for Torghatten on the Bellvik-Vengsøy and Musvær-Mjølvik-Risøy routes in the open sea northwest of Kvaløy, outside Tromsø.

The delivery date for the new build, number 158, is 31 March 2026.

Equipped with a nearly 4 megawatt-hour battery pack—four times larger than previous builds at the yard—the NSD 30CFc design is by The Norwegian Ship Design Company.

The hull is being constructed at Montex Shipyard in Poland, expected to be delivered in summer 2025, followed by outfitting in Denmark.