Connecting Europe facility call of 2023 is now open for submission

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The 2023 CEF Transport calls for proposals make EUR 7 billion available for projects targeting new and improved European transport infrastructure.

The calls cover the Core and Comprehensive TEN-T networks in the following areas:

  • railways
  • inland waterways
  • maritime and inland ports
  • road safety
  • rail-road terminals
  • multimodal logistics platforms
  • multimodal passenger hubs
  • smart and interoperable applications for transport
  • safe and secure mobility
  • infrastructure resilience

The deadline for submission is 30 January 2024.

“bound4blue” to install three suction sails on Ro-Ro VILLE DE BORDEAUX

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Airbus will equip one of the vessels it uses to transport aircraft subassemblies, chartered from shipowner Louis Dreyfus Armateurs, with a wind-assisted propulsion technology that captures wind energy to generate thrust and, therefore, delivers savings in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The eSAIL®, developed by the Spain-based firm bound4blue, creates as much as six to seven times more lift than a conventional rigid sail. It consists of a sail-like vertical surface and an electric-powered air suction system that helps the airflow to re-adhere to the sail, generating additional lift and thereby reducing the load on the ship’s main engines.

Three 22-metre-high eSAILs® will be fitted to the VILLE DE BORDEAUX ahead of a six-month performance monitoring period starting early 2024.

Brittany Ferries announces the use of the inflatable wing sail prototype Wisamo on Ro-Ro PELICAN

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The crew of the PELICAN is set to use the inflatable wing sail prototype Wisamo (Wing Sails Mobility) by the Michelin Group, starting this week. The wing is expected to be utilized for 6 to 8 hours during a 30-hour crossing. The Wisamo inflatable sail is a 100 m² wing that was installed on the vessel in November 2022.

In April 2023, after a series of tests and adjustments, the Norwegian classification company DNV approved Michelin Group’s Wisamo sail system.

PELICAN, chartered by Brittany Ferries from Compagnie Maritime Nantaise, operates between Poole and Bilbao.

Thessaloniki Port Authority, H1 Results: growth in all sectors except Conventional Cargo throughput and Intermodal

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Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A. announces for H1 of 2023:

  • increase in container throughput, sectors of utilization of spaces and passenger terminal
  • decrease in the sectors of conventional cargo and Intermodal,

Group consolidated turnover amounted to MEUR 41.2 (-2.6%)

Group gross profit MEUR 17.3 (-8.3%)

Company gross profit MEUR 17.3 (-9,8%)

Group EBITDA MEUR 15.1 (-9.7%)

Company EBITDA MEUR 14.4 (-16.2%)

Group profits after tax MEUR 8.4% (-12.2%)

Company profits after tax MEUR 7.7 (-24,5%)

The decrease in profitability is primarily attributed to lower volumes at the Conventional Cargo Terminal and to the recording of an impairment of MEUR 0.87 from the participation in the subsidiary ThPA Sofia EAD.

Port of Piraeus: Strong performance in H1, 2023, with a significant increase in profitability and turnover

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In H1 2023, PPA S.A. reported a continued robust increase of profits and income, achieving the new highest performance in its history.

  • +8% profits before taxes EUR 49.4 million.
  • +49.6% profits after taxes EUR 7 million.
  • +0% turnover EUR 102.4 million.

This renewed growth in turnover was attributed to increased revenue across all sectors of PPA S.A.’s activities. Especially it was driven by the cruise sector where approximately double number of passengers transported compared to the corresponding period of the previous year. Additionally, there was an increase in container handling in the total three Piers of the port, despite the challenges currently facing the transport sector.

Nel Lines’ ferry TAXIARHIS left for scrap

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On September 22, 2023 Nel Lines’ TAXIARHIS (ex- UNION HOBART, SEAWAY HOBART, AGIA METHODIA, EUROMANTIQUE) left Ampelakia (Salamis) yards, bound for the scrapyard of Aliaga.

The ship was laid up since 2015 (ports of Lavrion and Ampelakia (Salamis)).

She was built in Norway in 1976 for Union Shipping and she was one of a series of eleven vessels that were built for car/cargo transportation. She arrived in Greece in 1993 purchased by AK Ventouris, while in 1999 she was sold to Nel Lines for the North Aegean run.

She was the last ship of that series that was still alive.


Algérie Ferries to charter a ferry for next summer

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At a press conference, the CEO of Algérie Ferries announced positive results for 2023.

For the first 8 months, the State-owned company transported 383,000 passengers and more than 100,000 vehicles on 359 crossings between Algerian ports and Alicante, Barcelona, Sète, Marseille and Genoa.

The season has not been easy, with two ships experiencing technical issues, and the lack of extra (chartered) tonnage. However, the CEO promised an extra chartered ferry for next season. (without saying which ship).

FRS sells subsidiary FRS Iberia to DFDS

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Time to say goodbye to the red dolphin: FRS is separating from the subsidiary FRS Iberia.

In the future, the ferry lines between Spain and Morocco are going to be operated by DFDS.

FRS Iberia/Maroc operates three short-sea ferry routes across the Strait of Gibraltar:

  • Algeciras-Tanger Med
  • Algeciras-Ceuta
  • Tarifa-Tanger Ville

Prognosis for the year 2023:

  • 3 million freight lane metres
  • 9 million passengers
  • 370,000 cars

Actual fleet:

  • 5 high-speed catamarans
  • 2 Ro-Pax
  • 1 Ro-Ro

For DFDS, FRS Iberia/Maroc’s key expected financials for 2023 are revenues of DKK 1.0-1.2bn, EBITDA-margin of 18-20%, and EBIT-margin of 11-12%.

The Iberia business has experienced extraordinary success over the course of two decades, despite strong competition. The company is now one of the market leaders in ferry traffic between Spain and Morocco, with strong expertise in the operation of fast ferries and freight traffic. Within the 14 ferry lines of the FRS Group, FRS Iberia is the strongest pillar.

For the CEO of FRS, Götz Becker, the sale of the Iberia business is an important step for the expansion into new markets and a modernized, low-emission development of the ferry group.


What are the advantages for DFDS?

  • Ferry network expanded to high-growth Strait of Gibraltar market.
  • 8% annual average market growth expected next 5 years.
  • Attractive transaction terms.
  • Ferry infrastructure & operational development opportunities.

For more insights, consult the PowerPoint presentation presented at the conference call for investors.

ANEK Group presented its H1 results

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  • Strengthened turnover and reduced losses.
  • Lower fuel prices improved operating results.
  • However, due to the losses of the first half -which was burdened by the high financial costs, mainly due to the increased interest rates- the deterioration of capital adequacy continued, with the Company’s equity on 30.06.2023 being negative by € 91.9 million.

Key Figures (H1 2023 versus H1 2022):

  • Same number of itineraries compared to the first half of 2022,
  • +28% passengers 328,000
  • +13% vehicles 67,000
  • +0% trucks 58,000
  • Group turnover: € 81.884 million (€ 74.222 million).
  • Parent company turnover: € 73.287 million (€ 64.732 million).
  • Consolidated cost of sales: € 77.851 million (€ 81.771 million).
  • Parent company cost of sales: € 72.275 million (€ 73.272 million).
  • Group gross profits: € 4.033 million (€ -7.549 million).
  • Parent company gross profits: € 1.012 million (€ -8.540 million).
  • Consolidated EBITDA: losses € 2.442 million (€ -12.031 million).
  • Parent company EBITDA: losses € 4.388 million (€ -11.668 million).
  • Group net results after taxes and minority rights: € -16.199 million (-€ 22.580 million).
  • Parent company net results after taxes: € -16.900 € million (€ -20.735 million).


(Μ €) 6M 2022 6M 2023
Sales 74.2 81.9
Gross Profit -7.5 4.0
EBITDA -12.0 -2.4
EBIT -16.5 -6.8
EBT -21.9 -15.5
EATAM -22.6 -16.2


Source: ANEK Group

Fjord Line will no longer operate the ferry route between Sandefjord and Strömstad

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Stopping the shortsea route between Norway and Sweden on 29 October 2023 is a strategic move to concentrate operations around the sailing routes between Norway and Denmark.

Fjord Line wants:

  • To further develop the shipping company around tourism products.
  • To continue to be a central player for both passenger traffic and freight transport between Norway and the continent.

Ro-Pax OSLOFJORD is for sale.

The same route will still be operated by Color Line, with one vessel: COLOR HYBRID.

The other route vessel, COLOR VIKING, ceased operations on the Sandefjord – Strömstad route on 22 November 2022.

The route was very popular amongst Norwegians for shopping in Sweden.