Moby and Ichnusa Lines to jointly operate between Sardinia and Corsica again

April 19, 2024

The Region of Sardinia announced that Moby and Ichnusa Lines have been authorized to jointly operate exclusively on the line between Sardinia and Corsica from April 1st to October 31st. This means there will be no change in the summer of 2024 on the maritime link between Santa Teresa di Gallura and Bonifacio.

In more detail, for the upcoming summer season, Moby will be responsible for 62.5% of the total number of scheduled trips, while the remaining 37.5% will be carried out by Ichnusa Line. The Sardinia region requested a minimum of 4 pairs of trips per day with a ferry having a minimum transport capacity of 200 passengers and a garage with at least 190 lane meters, 50 of which are to be used for the transport of commercial vehicles.

The vessels deployed will be the Ichnusa (capacity of 350 passengers and 50 cars) and the Giraglia (400 passengers and 100 cars) for Moby.