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Further Two Tenders Launched In Italy For The Maritime Continuity

Following the first two tenders for the maritime continuity between Italy mainland and islands, Italy’s transport ministry has just announced two more procedures.


Naples – Cagliari – Palermo

One ropax not more than 20 years old, capacity for 650 passengers and 1,500 lane metres. EUR 34 million for six years.


Genoa – Porto Torres

Two ropax capacity for 750 passengers and 1,000 lane metres.

EUR 26 million

Deadline for submitting the offers is April 20.

GNV On Spain – Balearic Islands?

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Grandi Navi Veloci is expected to start running a double service from Spain mainland to the Balearic Islands from July 2.

Although the company did not make any official announcement yet, Spanish media report that the new lines will link the ports of Valencia and Barcelona with Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca.

Local port authorities confirmed that GNV asked for information, with the aim of launching new services coming summer.

The two ropax ferries which are likely to be deployed on the links are GNV BRIDGE and GNV SEALAND. Competitors are Trasmediterranea and Balearia.

Rederi Ab Gotland Is Planning For A New Ferry Line Between Sweden And Germany

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Rederi AB Gotland is planning a new ferry line, under the working name Hansalinjen.

The new route may serve Rostock, Germany, and Nynäshamn, with the possibility of certain trips to call at the port of Visby.

Rederi AB Gotland has been awarded an eco-bonus from the Government with the aim of transferring truck traffic from land to sea.

A new ferry line would be a sister business to Destination Gotland, which connects the old Hanseatic cities of Rostock, Visby and Stockholm. It opens up a new route for all German travelers who want to visit Gotland and Sweden.

Finnlines Proud With Positive Year-Result Despite Crisis And Distorted Market

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  • Turnover €0m (574.8), a difference of €91m or -16%
  • €91 million = reduction of €21m pax + €70m freight
  • €70 million = €47m reduction of bunker surcharges asked from clients during pandemic
  • EBITDA €8m (169.8) or a decrease of 17%.

Cost saving plan:

At the end of Q1 Finnlines reacted promptly to the first signs of the widespread economic fallout of the ongoing crisis and initiated a cost saving plan to mitigate the Covid-19 impact.

“As a result, we maintained a feasible profitability throughout the latter part of the year and the result for the reporting period was EUR 69.7 (98.3) million, which we are very proud of,” says Emanuele Grimaldi, President and CEO.

Five new vessels / First expected in November.

No financial aid: “Regardless of our pivotal supply role, green and sustainable leadership and despite Finnlines’ turnover and profitability have also declined due to economic slowdown, we were not made part of any of the EUR 70 million maritime public financial aid distributed to other shipping companies during the Covid-19 pandemic,” declares Mr Grimaldi.

“On the contrary, we found ourselves to compete in a very tough period, with a lot of sustainable investments ongoing, against competitors operating on the same routes, with same type of services, but without enjoying at all their subsidies. This of course cause to Finnlines harm and difficulties. Furthermore, this has proved to be inequal, distortive of market rules and against the EU market laws. We therefore still dare to suggest a more equal, horizontal, green and proportional distribution of public aids.”

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EQT Infrastructure Now Owns Molslinjen

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Following the approval of the EU competition authorities, EQT Infrastructure is now the formal owner of Molslinjen.

  • Danish Sampension will be a new minority investor in Molslinjen
  • Experienced industry experts join the company’s board
  • The new chairman of the board of Molslinjen will be Niels Smedegaard. (ex CEO DFDS)
  • Merete Eldrup will also be part of the new board (ex CEO of TV 2 Denmark)

“We look forward to the collaboration with many new competencies in the new Board of Directors, and we are pleased that with the combination of EQT Infrastructure and Danish pension funds we get a strong starting point for an exciting future for Molslinjen”, says Carsten Jensen, CEO of Molslinjen.

Tallink Grupp Files Legal Action Against Port Of Tallinn

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Tallink Grupp has filed a legal action against AS Tallinna Sadam (Port of Tallinn) at the Harju County Court with a claim in the total amount of  EUR 15.4 million. With the action Tallink Grupp is demanding that the Port of Tallinn reimburses the company a part of the excessively high fees that were paid for the port services in the Old City Harbour (Tallinna Vanasadam).

New Refinancing Of Fjord Line

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Fjord Line has now secured a financial platform until May 2022 in a comprehensive refinancing where both owners and lenders have contributed.

This is the second of a total of two refinancing operations, due to the pandemic. The refinancing has a total liquidity effect for Fjord Line of a total of NOK 950 million (in the period May 2020 to April 2022).

Preliminary figures 2020:

-55% Turnover NOK 729 million,

-90% Turnover in some periods with very limited travel activity

-NOK 140 million Result before taxes

Fjord Line has received NOK 198 million in cash support from the Norwegian Authorities for the period March to October.

For November / December, Fjord Line expects NOK 70 million.

Without the cash subsidy, the deficit for Fjord Line would probably have been more than NOK 400 million in 2020.

Fjord1: Smooth Operations And Revenue Growth As Expected

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Fjord1: Smooth Operations And Revenue Growth As Expected


+20% Revenue NOK 826 million (driven by new contracts)

+67% EBITDA NOK 266 million

Investments NOK 103 million, net of NOK 31 million in vessel NOx compensation received in Q4

Full Year 2020

+14% Revenue NOK 3,118 million,

+27% EBITDA NOK 1,042 million

Total investments for the full year 2020 came to NOK 1,428 million

Revenue growth in line with expectations

New electric vessels are reducing operating costs and increasing EBITDA margins.

Electricity now accounting for approximately 40 per cent of the fuel mix.


Fjord1 assesses new tender opportunities in the Norwegian market on an ongoing basis, as well as opportunities outside of Norway.

Strong contract portfolio has a value of NOK 24.1 billion through 2033.

The company expects more moderate revenue growth 2021, with cost improvements continuing to bolster operating margins.

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Fjord Line Welcomes New Catamaran

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Friday February 26 saw the delivery of Fjord Line’s new high-speed catamaran, “FJORD FSTR”.

The 110m-long 31m-wide vessel was built by Austal in the Philippines.

Speed: 37 knots

Capacity: 410 vehicles and 1200 passengers

Time for crossing: 2 hours and 15 minutes between Kristiansand and Hirtshals

She still has to make the long journey from the Philippines to Norway.