March 4, 2021

Fjord Line has now secured a financial platform until May 2022 in a comprehensive refinancing where both owners and lenders have contributed.

This is the second of a total of two refinancing operations, due to the pandemic. The refinancing has a total liquidity effect for Fjord Line of a total of NOK 950 million (in the period May 2020 to April 2022).

Preliminary figures 2020:

-55% Turnover NOK 729 million,

-90% Turnover in some periods with very limited travel activity

-NOK 140 million Result before taxes

Fjord Line has received NOK 198 million in cash support from the Norwegian Authorities for the period March to October.

For November / December, Fjord Line expects NOK 70 million.

Without the cash subsidy, the deficit for Fjord Line would probably have been more than NOK 400 million in 2020.