Brittany Ferries will shortly confirm details of a third weekly return-ferry-crossing connecting Rosslare and Cherbourg

April 26, 2024

The service will depart Rosslare on a Tuesday destined for Cherbourg, complementing weekly departures on Cotentin and Salamanca. That means Brittany Ferries will offer three weekly departures from Rosslare.

“We still have some work to dot the I’s and cross the T’s for the ship and schedule,” explained Kristof Wuytack, freight director Brittany Ferries. “However we want to be sure we hit the ground running when the ship first arrives in port. This positive step continues to strengthen our offer to the Irish market, as growth in freight traffic on Ireland to France routes continues post-Brexit.”

In addition to services operating from Rosslare, Brittany Ferries operates two weekly Cork-Roscoff rotations. The company has massively grown the direct Ireland-France market since 2021 and has re-affirmed its commitment to freight and passenger traffic.”