Molslinjen bets on Denmark’s domestic market

By 27 October 20222022 Newsletter week 43
October 27, 2022
  • From Easter 2023, a fast ferry will leave the Ystad-Bornholm route, as it will be replaced by newbuilding EXPRESS 5. This will allow a four-ferry operation on the Kattegat with more departures from both Aarhus and Ebeltoft.
  • Four fast ferries the Kattegat has been Molslinjen’s plan since 2012, when the first large fast ferries were deployed. And from Easter 2023 the dream will come true.
  • “Danes are increasingly staying at home and taking holidays domestically. Therefore, the private market is increasing right now, and we would like to support that growth by having four ferries in operation on the Kattegat”, says Molslinjen’s commercial director, Jesper Skovgaard.
  • The new ferry on the Kattegat will either be EXPRESS 1 or the fast ferry MAX. The decision on which ferry will remain on Bornholm awaits the upcoming elections and a decision in the new Ministry of Transport.
  • Ebeltoft departures will increase from 294 in 2022 to 656 in 2023 or 123% in the period March to October.
  • At the same time, capacity is freed up to Aarhus, which will be expanded from 8,430 departures in 2022 to 8,628 departures in 2023, or an increase of 2.3%.
  • That gives up to 32 daily departures between Jutland and Zealand.