Oslo one step closer to a zero emission port

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The Swedish company Processkontroll Elektriska AB has been chosen to build the new shore power installation in the Port of Oslo.
Stena Line would like to connect its ferry STENA SAGA. However, to convert the veteran Stena is seeking subsidies from Enova SF, owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. Otherwise it is not economically sustainable.
On Tuesdays the ship is 10 hours in port. According to the company’s own calculations, the use of shore power every Tuesday will help reduce annual emissions by about seven tonnes of NOx and 300 tonnes of CO2.
Color Line already has two ships connected to shore power. Now the port hopes that DFDS will also opt for cold ironing for its cruise ferries.

Photo: Mike Louagie

Fjord1: strong Norwegian ferry machine presents its Q3

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With 61 ferries in operation in Norway, Fjord1 has a market share of 49%. The company which is noted on the Oslo Stock Exchange since last August operates 7 of the 10 largest ferry services in Norway, and also a number of tourist boats in the fjords.
The company has 13 new ferries on order, and has more than 20 contracts with the Norwegian State, as far as in 2030.
Some key figures for Q3

  • Revenue: NOK 761.7m (+11%)
  • EBITDA: NOK 302m (+22%)
  • EBIT: NOK 235.6 (+13%)

Eight Norwegian ferry routes to be replaced by motorway infrastructure investment

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Norway’s new National Transport Plan (NTP) for the period 2018-2029 has been presented. Over the next 12 years Norway will spend almost NOK 1 billion on transport.

Some highlights:

  • The building of the famous 1.7km ship tunnel in the Stadhavet Sea, to cut short the journey of the Hurtigruten ships in these vey rough waters.
  • A new fast ferry route Bergen – Ålesund.
  • A ferry-free (!) motorway E39, which is the coastal road between

Kristiansand and Trondheim. It will replace no less than eight ferry connections. The first goal is to bring Bergen and Stavanger closer to each other.

Photo: Stad Ship Tunnel © Norwegian Coastal Administration

Color Line interested in Norway’s coastal route

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According to Skipsrevyen, Color Line has declared its interest to enter the Norwegian coastal operations actually operated by Hurtigruten. The Norwegian State has decided that the license to operate “the world’s most beautiful sea voyage” is open for tenders. Norled, Toghatten and now Color Line are showing interest, together with a couple of other companies. Deadline for the submission of the bids is January 3.

Brødrene Aa wins contract for three high-speed catamarans

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Brødrene Aa, Norway has a new contract for 3 high-speed carbon fiber catamaran ferries for the Chinese market. The customer, Zhongshan-Hong Kong Passenger Shipping Co-op Co., Ltd, will be operating the ferries between Hong Kong and Guangzhou.
Two of the vessels will be 42m long with a capacity for 300 passengers and operating speed of 40 knots. The third vessel will also be 42m long but with capacity of 230 passengers and operating speed of 37 knots.
All 3 will be delivered in Hong Kong by June 2019.
“This contract represents an important milestone in our efforts to penetrate the Chinese market”, said CEO Tor Øyvin Aa.
In 2015, Chinese Chu Kong Shipping made an equity investment in Brødrene Aa. In this partnership one objective was to establish a joint composite manufacturing facility in China as well as providing market opportunities for completed vessel from Brødrene Aa’s yard in Norway

Photo © Brødrene Aa

Norwegian Government to split the coastal route in three?

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The Norwegian Ministry of Transport said that that the government wants to divide the tender for the coastal express route –now operated by Hurtigruten– into three parts. Why? “To increase competition.”

As from 2021 this could mean two or three operators instead of one, which would be bad news for Hurtigruten. However, it is not excluded that one operator gets all three routes. The difference is that the Government would have made a good deal with lower subsidies, and that nobody could accuse the State of illegal aid.

There will also be tougher environmental routes. HFO will not be allowed as fuel.
Hurtigruten’s contract expires on 31 December 2019, with an option for a one-year extension. The deadline for submitting offers is set to January 3, 2018.
In a reaction the Norwegian television NRK, Hurtigruten’s CEO Daniel Skjeldam says he does not fear the competition and promises to sail along the Norwegian coast, even if they lose the public tender.

Photo: Mike Louagie

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