Corsica Ferries’ SARDINIA REGINA Sold?

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Corsica Ferries is expected to sell the veteran ferry SARDINIA REGINA shortly.

An announcement has been published by the local Coast Guard in Genoa, explaining that the vessel will change flag (and ownership) from Italy to Libya.

The buyer is still unknown at the moment.

CORSICA REGINA had been operated by Corsica Ferries since 1986 and deployed on the routes linking France and Italy to Corsica.

She was built as VISBY in 1972.

Corsica Ferries Adds A Baltic Cruise Ferry To Its Fleet

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Corsica Ferries has been successfully shopping in Finland. Pierre Mattei, CEO, announced on his LinkedIn account that the company acquired MEGA REGINA, a classic Baltic ferry from Viking Line.

Viking Line confirmed MARIELLA (1985) was sold for EUR 19.6 million.

The vessel’s book value as of 31 March 2021 was EUR 5.7 million.

The sale is carried out as a bareboat hire / purchase arrangement.

Corsica Ferries has seen an increase in demand for overnight travel. With its 2500 pax / 840 cabins this vessel is a quintessential opportunity.

The vessel will arrive in Savona end of May and will start to sail end of June.

Pierre Mattei insists on the fact that the vessel is equipped with a shore power connection facility and an exhaust gas cleaning system. He says this vessel will have the lowest fuel consumption per passenger, in the large Corsica Ferries fleet. (context: since many years ferries have been blamed for air pollution, both in Corsica and on the French continent).

Victory For Corsica Ferries, At Last

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The Administrative Court of Appeal of Marseille condemns the Territorial Collectivity of Corsica to pay Corsica Ferries France the sum of €86.3 million in compensation for the damage it suffered as a result of the illegal subsidy provided by the Collectivity to SNCM.

This subsidy was given for the ferry service provided by SNCM and CMN between the Port of Marseille and Corsica, in the period between July 2007 and December 2013.

On top of the payments for the public service contract, the alliance SNCM/CMN received 40 million per year for the so-called additional service for the transport of passengers during peak periods.

The European Commission considered in 2013, that the financial compensation paid by

Corsica under this additional service were incompatible with the freedom of competition in the internal market. In 2014 the Commission ordered the refund of this illegal subsidy.

After endless legal fights, Corsica Ferries has finally obtained a favourable decision.

“Not Enough Cabins?” Corsica Ferries Again Rejected From Public Service Contract

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“Corsica Ferries has taken note of the decision of the Corsican Assembly to reject its offers for the next maritime public service contract (DSP 2021-2022), without even bothering to enter into negotiations,” says CEO Pierre Mattei.

He said that’s Corsica Ferries’ offer was almost € 100 million cheaper over 22 months of DSP.

“In 2019 our offer was rejected because of a missing USB-stick, and now it is because our vessels are ‘not having enough overnight sleeping facilities’,” says the CEO.

A second reason for the rejection is the fact that Corsica Ferries –in its response to the tender- wrote that the additional ferry journeys would be made by mutual agreement between the ferry company and the Assembly of Corsica. Normally it is the Assembly that imposes these additional trips, but in the pre-tender chat the Corsican Assembly said that these additional trips had to be decided by mutual agreement…. Basically, the Assembly contradicts itself.

A new transitional maritime Public Service Contract, from 1 March 2021 to 31 December 2022, between the Corsican ports and Marseille, will be voted next week by the Corsican Assembly.

Cartagena Tests a Direct RoRo Service with the South of France

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Last Saturday saw the first departure of CORSICA MARINA SECONDA from Cartagena to Toulon, loaded with trucks with fruit and vegetables.

The ferry has been chartered from Corsica Ferries by a French company.

The route over land is about 1,200km. With this “motorways of the sea” drivers arrive in Toulon with their tachygraph on zero.

Frequency: weekly

Departure: Saturday 10pm

Journey: 25-28 hours

Initiative led by port authority of Cartagena, the regional government and Agencia Marítima Blázquez

Photo: Jean-Pierre Fabre


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Presidential Boost

“Reservations resumed at the very moment when President Macron indicated that travelers could move again”

Pierre Mattei, CEO Corsica Ferries

Emmanuel Macron’s speech announcing that it would be possible to spend the holidays with the family has increased the reservations of Corsican ferry and airline operators.


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Freestyle translation by Ferry Shipping News

  • 4 ferries in operation, 9 stopped. Two thirds of people in partial unemployment.
  • Only a few dozen ‘essential’ passengers travel. Freight is now king, something unusual for Corsica Ferries. The company has listened to Corsica transport companies and adapted the offer. Sometimes changes were skillfully implemented overnight, to react as quick as possible.
  • We are awaiting what the government says about the relief of travel restrictions. We can only adapt once we know. But we are preparing and we can assure the tourism industry that if travel allows people will have enough ferries to get to the island.
  • Although the company is already experiencing the economic consequences of this crisis, Pierre Mattei is happy about the quick reaction time of his company. “It is in our DNA to be agile and versatile.”
  • Corsica Ferries suffered a fake news campaign. It was accused of transporting tourists. It all started with pictures from before the lockdown. They were re-released by some politicians, who did not even check.

Corsica Ferries versus Collectivity of Corsica: No Money Yet

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In 2017, the Administrative Court of Bastia condemned the Collectivity of Corsica to pay €84.3 million to Corsica Ferries. It is a compensation for the so-called “complementary service”. This was an illegal financial system which was given to SNCM, as compensation for the extra passengers in high season, on top of the DSP contract.

Corsica Ferries’ request to enforce this 2017 judgment was rejected on Monday 2 March 2020 by the Marseille Administrative Court of Appeal.

Compensation will eventually be paid by the Collectivity of Corsica to Corsica Ferries, but apparently the judge decided there was no rush.

Sources: Le Marin, Corse-Matin

Corsica Ferries May Get a Nice Windfall from the Authorities over SNCM Subsidies

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A State subsidy allowed former SNCM to operate two ropax ferries on Marseille – Ajaccio in the high season. This created an unfair competition with Corsica Ferries.

The ‘Collectivité territoriale de Corse (CTC)’ should have reclaimed €220 million from SNCM, which were paid as a subsidy for a service which was not supposed to be subsidised. CTC did not recover this money.

Decision expected in March.