The process of securing long-term financing for the Eckerö Group continues according to plan

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The Group’s parent company Rederi Ab Eckerö has successfully completed the placement of a bond loan:

  • EUR 62 million
  • five years
  • interest rate of three EURIBOR + a credit margin of 7%
  • Agreed issue date is 28 October 2021

An application for a listing of the bond on the market for corporate bonds at the Oslo Stock Exchange will be submitted. The funds received will be used to shorten existing loans.

Handelsbanken Capital Markets and Nordea.

Eckerö expects to be able to present a complete solution for the Group’s financing within the next month.

Baleària starts the LNG retrofit of the last of six ferries

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Ropax HEDY LAMARR is the last of 6 Baleària ferries to be retrofitted

Where: West Sea shipyard in Viana do Castelo (Portugal)


  • MAN 9L48 / 60B will be converted into dual-fuel engines MAN 9L51 / 60DF,
  • Two natural gas storage tanks with a total capacity of 565 m3 will be installed (autonomy of more than 1,400 nautical miles).
  • Installing of the smart ship project systems: technological improvements for a better customer experience on board. (on-demand digital entertainment platform, text coverage for WhatsApp during the voyages, smart TV in the cabins, a pet video surveillance system, and the accommodations will be accessible via QR code)
  • Sensors will be installed on the ship to monitor fuel consumption and emissions in real time, as has already been done on other ships in the fleet. This is part of the Green and Connected Ports project of the European Union.

When finished, Baleària will have nine vessels that can run on LNG.

Investment: 380 million euros (some is part of the CEF funds of the European Union).

Interview with Adolfo Utor, Chairman Baleària Group

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The first renderings of the Scottish-led HYSEAS III project, which aims to build Europe’s first sea-going ferry powered by hydrogen fuel cells, have been completed.

As a double-ended sea-going passenger and car ferry, it will have capacity for 120 passengers and 16 cars or two trucks.

It has been designed to operate on the route between Kirkwall and Shapinsay in Orkney, where hydrogen fuel is generated through wind power, although it will be capable of operating at other ports where hydrogen could become available in the future.

The EU-funded HYSEAS III programme involves partners CMAL, St. Andrew’s University, Orkney Islands Council and several European organisations.

The designs, by AqualisBraemar LOC Group, show how a vessel purely powered by renewable energy may look and will provide a blueprint to the further development of zero-emissions ferry travel.

The next stage of the project will see the consortium seek feasibility approval in principle of the designs from DNV.

The design will be complete in March 2022, at which point CMAL will seek funding partners to take the approved design to the procurement stage, which will lead on to the eventual tendering and construction of the vessel.

P&O Ferries launches customs clearance service to solve supply chain challenges

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P&O is rolling out a new customs clearance service to help firms navigate the new rules for import and exports.

The new service is equipped to assist customers with empty declaration requirements from this month, providing tailored support throughout the last quarter of 2021.

As international trade continues to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, the service will develop the provision of smart logistics solutions, ensuring customers are prepared for evolving requirements and future regulatory changes.

With the UK Government Brexit changes scheduled to be implemented from 1 January 2022, P&O Ferries is also developing a range of digital solutions to help customers with their requirements, which will be rolled out in phases in the months ahead.

ECSA position paper on the fuel EU maritime proposal

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ECSA supports the objective of the FuelEU Maritime proposal to foster the uptake of cleaner fuels in shipping. However, the proposal may become a missed opportunity due to enforcement loopholes.

Making the EU fuel suppliers responsible for meeting the fuel standards will substantially address the enforcement concerns and will be consistent with other proposals of the ‘Fit for 55’package.

Fostering demand is key and the incentives and tools provided by the proposals of the ‘Fit for 55’ package should be used.

Flexibility is welcomed but double requirements should be avoided. A new MRV system is unceccesary and burdensome.

Finally, ships should not be penalised when Onshore Power Supply is not available in ports.

Former SARDINIA REGINA sold to Kevalay Travel & Tourism for a new Turkey-Libya link

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Corsica Ferries seem to have finally sold their veteran ferry SARDINIA REGINA as anticipated last summer with a public announcement released by the Coast Guard in Genoa.

The vessel was expected to change flag (and ownership) from Italy to Libya. Indeed, the new owner appears to be Kevalay Travel & Tourism.

SARDINIA REGINA, operated by Corsica Ferries since 1986 on the routes linking France and Italy to Corsica, is now expected to be renamed KEVALAY QUEEN and should be deployed on a new regular line between Turkey (Izmir) and Libya (Misurata)

Morace announce 30 million refitting plan for the Trasmed GLE’s fleet

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After the first summer season under control of the new owner, Grimaldi Group, Trasmed GLE’s fleet will undergo an important refitting program.

CEO Ettore Morace told Ferry Shipping News that all the ropax units controlled by Grimaldi (CIUDAD DE PALMA, VOLCÁN DEL TEIDE, VOLCÁN DE TIJARAFE and CIUDAD DE GRANADA (photo)) will be refurbished . The investment is worth EUR 30 million.

Ropax CIUDAD DE MAHÓN is to be put up for sale soon.

Roro EUROFERRY EGNAZIA has been chartered-in by Trasmed Gle, from Grimaldi Euromed.

The refitting program will take shape in the coming months in a shipyard located in the West Mediterranean Sea (Italy, Spain or Malta) and include mainly the restyling of internal spaces, installation of scrubbers and some investments in IT.

Increased fares for trucks on Adriatic Sea routes

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The sharp increase in bunker prices has forced ferry companies operating in the Adriatic and Ionian routes to increase the freight fares. More specifically:

Superfast Ferries’s surcharge for a 16.5-meter-long truck is formed as follows:

  • For the Bari line 50 euros
  • For the Ancona line 115 euros
  • For the Venice line 107 euros

The surcharge until today was 3 euros per meter for Bari, 7 euros for Ancona and 6,5 euros for the port of Venice.

Finally, the Grimaldi group increased the fare for the ports of the North to 60 euros and the ports of the South to 40 euros.