The Year Was A Real Challenge For Wasaline

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Due to Covid-19 the turnover decreased during the year with 46.4%.

The passenger turnover decreased by 71.8% and passenger volume by 72%.

Turnover for the cargo traffic increased with 7.5% and cargo volume increased with 6.6%.

The operating result decreased with 133% = €-745,000 (€2,114,000)

  • Passengers: 57,415 (204,704)
  • Cars: 14,532 (46,312)
  • Cargo units: 16,969 (15,913)
  • Departures: 816 (826)

The pandemic will strongly affect Wasalines result also in 2021.

Restrictions are expected to continue during the year.

During the year the newbuilding project with AURORA BOTNIA has proceeded according to the plan at RMC, Rauma and will continue intensively until the delivery expected in April-May 2021. There is a risk of delay in the delivery, though, due to the Covid-19.


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The next Stena RoRo ship to join Brittany Ferries’ fleet will be called SALAMANCA.

The launch ceremony took place on 6 January 2021 at the CMJL shipyard in Weihai, China. She is the second of three E-Flexer class ships ordered by Brittany Ferries.

Both SALAMANCA (2022) and SANTOÑA (2023) will be powered by LNG and will serve the company’s long-distance routes connecting the UK with Spain.

The facilities for storing LNG will be supplied by Repsol in Spain. Under the terms of the agreement, the fuel company will build two quayside LNG bunkering terminals in the ports of Santander and Bilbao, including a 1,000 m3 storage tank to ensure uninterrupted supply.

Wasaline Is Looking Forward to New Ship with more Cargo Capacity

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2020, a challenging year for Wasaline, with many positive signs, despite of covid-19

  • Turnover -46.4%
  • Turnover for passenger traffic -72.7% due to travel restrictions
  • Turnover of cargo +7.5% – 2020 was a record year (+26% since 2013)
  • Average ton price of fuel -36.1% in 2020
  • Total fuel saving 3.2%
  • Departures -1.2% (816)

“Despite all the challenges we have with Covid-19, I look forward to 2021. With a steady increase on the cargo side, we see that the new vessel with greater cargo capacity is needed. With the extensive savings programs we have managed to keep the economy at a

satisfactory level. We would like to extend a big thank you to all our cargo customers and to all staff who do an outstanding job daily of reviewing all costs and ensuring that emergency traffic works smoothly across Kvarken “, says Peter Ståhlberg, CEO of Wasaline.

Wasaline Signed the SAILS Initiative

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Wasaline is the first Nordic shipping company to sign the SAILS (Sustainable Actions for Innovative and Low-Impact Shipping) Initiative for Good Practices in Maritime Transport for the Protection of the Marine and Coastal Environment.

The new ferry currently under construction features several environmental-friendly attributes that exceed the regulatory obligations that Wasaline now can undertake and sign for.

The SAILS Initiative for Good Practices in Maritime Transport for the Protection of the Marine and Coastal Environment is a French initiative in the field of sustainable maritime transport.

Stability for Wasaline in Spite of Challenging Year

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Challenges in 2019:

  • Ropax WASA EXPRESS was away for a three-week maintenance visit at the shipyard, in January
  • The Finnish Seafarer ‘s Union’s support strike in November affected operations: 8 departures were cancelled and 4 departures were without cargo.

Positive in 2019:

  • The average price of fuel decreased by 2.5% during the financial year. Due to this combined with the investments for energy savings, the fuel cost has decreased by 8.4%. The total fuel savings was 9.6%.
  • The ice winter was mild.

Key figures for 2019:

Status quo revenue €19.6 million.

Passenger traffic sales increased by 6.3% and cargo sales decreased by 6.2%.

  • -2.8% Departures 826
  • -3.5% Passengers 204,704
  • -1.4% Cars 46,312
  • -4.3% Cargo units 15,913


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Stable Turnover for Wasaline Despite less Sailings

The 2019 volumes were greatly affected by a 3-week absence of ferry WASA EXPRESS, and the Finnish postal strike.

This meant only 826 departures, compared to 850 in 2018.

Stable €19.6 million turnover

  • -3.5% Passengers (204,704)
  • -1.4% Cars (46,312)
  • -4.3% Freight units

All Time High Q2 For Wasaline

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Q2 is the best so far for Wasaline, since the start of operations in 2013.

There is an increase in all segments.

  • +4.2% passengers
  • +8.6% cars
  • +6.6% freight

The total revenue increased by 10.8% compared to last year, to EUR 5.3 million.
In June there was a record increase on all segments and revenue increased by 16.4%.
In Q2, Wasaline has added 9.4% more departures to meet the demand.