Seatruck Ferries Focused On Saving jobs

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Seatruck has come in for criticism from the unions for pushing ahead with a pay cut. CEO Alistair Eagles was fast to clarify in social media.  “We want to save jobs so we have deferred (not cut) pay for shore staff and crew for three months. Everyone will get in back in the future when the days are brighter. These are challenging times for the entire transport system.”

Alistair Eagles, CEO Seatruck Ferries is a frequent user of LinkedIn. Through this channel he published a letter on 23 March, providing an update.

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“I’d like to thank everyone at Seatruck and our customers. I’d also like to thank everyone else involved in transport and logistics from the drivers and technicians, to the staff in the warehouses, to the people in the ports, the stevedores and of course the crew on all vessels including those of our competitors. And a massive thank you to the families that support you, being a transport family is never easy but is even more difficult right now.”

Seatruck Ferries

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Seatruck Ferries has decided to stop shipping any HGV drivers or any other passengers on its Irish Sea vessels. Irish Sea services will run as normal but will be restricted to the shipment of drop trailers and unaccompanied trade vehicles.


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Seatruck Now Have Just Short Of 20% Of the Total Irish Sea Ro-Ro Market

Clipper Group a/s improved its operating profit (EBIT) in 2018. It’s ferry division did a very good job.

Seatruck Ferries recorded a volume growth of 7.5% in a market where total volumes grew by 2.7%. Seatruck Ferries now holds 19.9% of the total ro-ro market on the Irish Sea, where the company operates 3 routes between the UK and Ireland with close to 80 weekly sailings.

In 2018, Seatruck Ferries acquired 4 ro-ro vessels for a total consideration of USD 124 million. The company now owns all its 7 ro-ro vessels operating on the Irish Sea plus one additional ro-ro vessel, which is chartered out externally.

Seatruck Further Increase Capacity On Dublin-Liverpool Route

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Seatruck Ferries have increased capacity and sailing frequency on their Dublin to Liverpool route.

  • Capacity x2: CLIPPER RANGER (smallest vessel on the route) has been replaced by a larger P series vessel.
  • Additional Friday sailings: now 44 sailings per week.
  • Now 78 departures per week across 3 key routes on the Irish Sea = 20% of total Irish Sea roro freight volumes.

Seatruck Ferries believes in a switch to greater volumes of unaccompanied movements from ports.

  • Helps driver shortage.
  • Reduces road mileage compared with the more traditional transit through Wales or Scotland.

Warrenpoint-Heysham has just been increased by 30% with the introduction of the SEATRUCK PERFORMANCE and SEATRUCK PRECISION.

Photo: Seatruck Ferries Dublin terminal (courtesy Seatruck Ferries)

Larger vessels for Seatruck Ferries Warrenpoint – Heysham Service

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Seatruck Ferries will deploy larger ferries on the Warrenpoint – Heysham route.

The Seatruck owned SEATRUCK PRECISION and SEATRUCK PERFORMANCE will be the new ships. They are on charter to Stena Line since 2012, and are working on the Irish Sea routes from Belfast. The Flensburg built vessels will provide space for an extra 30 units per sailing due to their extra 4th deck. They will replace the three-deck shipsThe new ships will commence towards the end August / early September.Stena Line will have to introduce other tonnage as replacement.

Clipper Group Annual Report: Seatruck Ferries and ro-ro chartering activities

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The net result for 2017 is satisfactory despite EBIT going down compared to 2016. The reason for a lower EBIT relates to impairment loss, lower operating profit in the chartering activity from a reduction of two vessels and operational issues related to the lock in Liverpool.

  • Seatruck Ferries total freight volumes growing 6%
  • Seatruck Ferries now holds 19.6% (17.9%) of the ro-ro market on the Irish Sea.
  • Especially the routes out of Dublin have proven to be successful.
  • Operating result is expected to decrease slightly compared to 2017 because of a lower chartering result.