Attica Group: Announced the merger with ANEK Lines to the Athens Stock Market

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According to an official Attica Group press release (in Greek) the deal contains:

  • The merger with the absorption of ANEK Lines by Attica Group with an exchange of one common or preferred share of ANEK for 0,1217 new common registered shares of Attica Group and
  • the payment of EUR 80 million for full and complete repayment of ANEK Line’s loan to its creditors from the consolidated scheme which will be formed on the date of the completion of the merger.

The agreement was sent on Tuesday 20 September 2022 by the legal advisors to be signed by the representatives of the contracting parties.

The Boards of Directors of both companies will be convened in accordance with the law and decide on the initiation and individual parameters of the merger process.

Attica Group points out at its press release that:  “We estimate that the specific agreement will benefit the shareholders, the employees and the suppliers of both companies as well as the Hellenic Coastal Shipping.”

CLdN to acquire Seatruck Ferries from Clipper Group

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  • CLdN to acquire all shares in Seatruck Ferries Holding Ltd. from Clipper Group.
  • After approval from the Irish competition authorities, expected before end of year.
  • With 8 purpose-built vessels, Seatruck Ferries is the leading RoRo operator on the Irish Sea, transporting close to 20% of the region’s seaborne cargo volumes.
  • The parties have agreed not to disclose the transaction price.
  • The divestment of Seatruck Ferries allows Denmark-based Clipper Group to devote all financial and managerial resources to further strengthening its global dry cargo business.
  • After closing, the Seatruck operation will continue to run under the Seatruck Ferries brand with the existing management team lead by Alistair Eagles.
  • Joint impacts of COVID-19, Brexit and driver shortages are expected to accelerate growth in the unaccompanied trailer sector.

Passenger traffic in Greek ports increased by 91,9%

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According to the Hellenic Statistical Authority’s latest report:

  • The total passenger traffic in the Greek Ports (Provisional Data) in the first quarter of 2022 increased by 91,9% compared to the first quarter of 2021, while in the first quarter of 2021 there was a decrease by 46 % in comparison to the first quarter of 2020.
  • The total car traffic in the Greek ports in the first quarter of 2022 increased by 43,6% compared to the first quarter of 2021, while in the first quarter of 2021 there was a decrease by 24% in comparison to the first quarter of 2020.

Refinancing of Havila Kystruten`s ships

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  • Havila Kystruten has signed term sheets with lenders for refinancing of the fleet and has set dates for start of operations in route for HAVILA POLARIS and HAVILA POLLUX.
  • The financing totals to EUR 370 million and covers payment to Tersan on delivery of HAVILA POLARIS and HAVILA POLLUX as well as redemption of existing debt related to all ships.
  • The scheduled start-up on route for HAVILA POLARIS is set at the latest 29th of December 2022 and HAVILA POLLUX at the latest on 22nd of March 2023.

Guernsey will not buy a new passenger ferry for the island: UPDATE

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Referring to last week’s article:

Whilst it is correct that Guernsey’s Chief Minister did state that the government will not be investing in a ropax for the Island, the initiative and joint investment do continue.

John Napton, Condor Ferries’ CEO, said: “As we confirmed in January of this year, Condor and the States of Guernsey have been working on a joint venture with regard to a conventional passenger and freight vessel.

The potential acquisition of a ship would be mutually funded through an investment vehicle, with Condor operating the vessel as an addition to our existing fleet.

We are determined to invest in the Islands’ future by developing freight and passenger services and if a new ship can be acquired, it would improve resilience and reliability.”

Metsä Board starts pre-engineering for new folding boxboard mill in Kaskinen, Finland

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  • Metsä Board will start pre-engineering for a new folding boxboard mill with an annual capacity of approximately 800,000 tonnes at the Kaskinen mill site in Finland.
  • The pre-engineering phase will include technical design, design of infrastructure and logistics solutions and tendering for the main equipment. As part of the pre-engineering, an environmental impact assessment and an environmental permit process will be launched.
  • The company estimates that a possible investment decision could be made in 2024 at the earliest.
  • Roro operator Wallenius SOL has Port of Kaskinen in its schedules (picture).

Two shipyards submitted offers for building a new ro-pax ferry for Regione Siciliana

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After two failed attempts the Regione Siciliana succeeded in receiving offers from two shipyards for building a ro-pax ship set to be deployed on the routes to and from the Aeolian islands.
Some sources said to Ferry Shipping News that Fincantieri and Astilleros Armon are the interested shipyards..
The procedure had a tender price of EUR 120 million (down from the initial 130 million for two units of the previous unsuccessful tenders) to build a ferry capable of carrying 1,000 passengers (including 38 crew members), for a total of 336 beds, as well as vehicles and goods (including dangerous goods).

The ship will have to be equipped with two cargo decks, one dedicated only to cars and accommodating 53 in 255 lane meters, while the other has a capacity of 610 meters for trailers and 710 for vehicles (147 units). The overall length of the unit will be 138.4m, the maximum width 25.2m, and the maximum speed will be 19 knots.