November 5, 2020

Methanol Can Be the Climate-Neutral Marine Fuel of the Future

The Fastwater project is about the use of methanol as fuel for existing ships and newbuildings.

The problems that Fastwater wants to solve are:

  1. Today’s engines do not work with methanol, but require either new engines or technology that enables the conversion of existing engines
  2. There must be a good international methanol supply chain
  3. There are many rules and regulations that need to be reviewed

The project has received five million euros from the EU to develop the new technology.

Fastwater is a project which unites universities (Lund, Ghent), engine manufacturer Anglo Belgian Corporation, shipyard Meyer Werft, Lloyds Register etc… A list with all Fastwater partners can be found here.

STENA GERMANICA was converted to be capable of running on methanol fuel in 2015.

Fastwater says a methanol-powered pilot boat will be launched in 2022.