Port of Antwerp-Bruges: slight growth in the first half of the year

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  • The total throughput of Port of Antwerp-Bruges was 147.2 million tonnes in the first six months of this year, an increase of 1.4% compared to the same period last year.
  • Given the current geopolitical and macroeconomic context, this slight growth, despite a decline in the container segment due to ongoing global congestion problems, confirms its strengthened position as a unified port.
  • Container throughput is down 9.8% in tonnes and 6.2% in TEU compared to a strong first half in 2021. With globally disrupted container liner shipping, vessel delays and high volumes of import cargo, the container trade continues to face operational challenges. Moreover, the throughput of containers related to Russia decreased by 39% due to the conflict in Ukraine.
  • Conventional general cargo grew strongly by 22%.
  • Roro traffic saw an increase of 8.9%. RoRo traffic to the United Kingdom and Ireland shows significant growth, with 3.8 million tonnes and 0.6 million tonnes respectively, up 6.8% and 47%. The number of new and used cars shows a slight growth of 2.5% and 1.7%, while the number of trucks decreased by 19%.

Anek Lines’ PREVELIS returned to her classic ferry line service

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Following an incredible sequence of events, it was eventually decided that Anek Lines’ PREVELIS will continue to serve on the Piraeus-Sitia-Kasos-Karpathos-Diafani-Chalki-Rodos and Piraeus-Santorini Anafi subsidized lines since July 22, 2022.

The former Japanese-built ferry stopped sailing on July 11 after 12 years of service on the above line and was about to be replaced by the Sea Speed Ferries’ RoPax OLYMPUS.

However, OLYMPUS failed to pass the Hellenic Ministry of Shipping inspections and never sailed. A sad development that forced the Ministry to find an immediate solution by re-activating Prevelis, at least for the rest of the summer season 2022.

Will a Tallink cruise ferry end up in The Netherlands?

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Dutch media suggest that a Tallink vessel will be used as accommodation for refugees.

This cruise ferry would arrive end of August in Velsen-Noord (a town opposite IJmuiden).

There was an earlier plan to charter VICTORIA I for the same purpose, but much to the surprise of Velsen-Noord and the COA (Central organisation for asylum seekers).

A letter of intent was sent to Tallink on June 30 by COA and Sleepships, the company that was asked to organise the charter. However, no contract was signed and Scotland snapped the VICTORIA I.

The charter would last until 1 March 2023.

DFDS monthly: Passengers and Mediterranean freight volumes up in June

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Ferry – freight:

  • Total volumes in June 2022 were 3.6% below 2021.
  • North Sea volumes were below 2021 on both UK routes and routes between Sweden and the Continent.
  • Volumes in the Mediterranean network continued to grow supported by higher capacity.
  • Channel’s volumes were below 2021 due to a decrease in the total market. Market share was upheld just below last year.
  • The war in Ukraine lowered Baltic Sea volumes between mainly Germany and Lithuania compared to 2021.
  • For the last twelve months 2022-21, the total transported freight lane metres increased 0.2% to 43.8m from 43.7m in 2021-20.

Ferry – passenger:

  • The number of passengers increased eightfold to 352k equal to 75% of volumes in June 2019, the latest comparable month pre-Covid-19.
  • Transport segments continued to recover faster than leisure segments as the number of cars equalled 89% of volumes in 2019.
  • For the last twelve months 2022-21, the total number of passengers was 1.9m compared to 1.0m in 2021-20 and 5.1m in 2019.

Scandlines H1: about challenges and ambitions

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Scandlines’ business during the first half of 2022 was affected by the corona pandemic and the economic consequences of Russia’s war.

Initially, the company focused on ensuring that the increasing volume of freight was handled smoothly. In the long term, Scandlines is pursuing its ambitious goal of emission-free ferry operations.

There are very positive developments for the first half of 2022:

  • Volumes are significantly higher than the figures from 2021 and have almost reached the level of 2019.
  • The booking situation for the main season creates confidence.
  • On the Rostock-Gedser route, the traffic volume for cars has increased significantly.
  • +11% freight compared to last year.

Scandlines continues to work at full speed on its ambitious goal of zero-emission ferry operations.

  • In March, the first steel plates for the new zero-emission ferry PR24 were cut at the Cemre shipyard.
  • PR24 is being built for freight transport on the Puttgarden-Rødby route and is scheduled to go into operation in 2024.
  • In May, a rotor sail was installed on ropax BERLIN.
  • Scandlines’ first major goal is that operations on the Puttgarden-Rødby route should be emission-free by 2030. There are 32,000 round-the-clock crossings a year on this route.
  • The second major goal is that ferry operations on both Scandlines routes, as well as the entire company, should be free of direct emissions by 2040.
  • With these two specific goals, Scandines commit themselves to go well beyond the requirements of the Paris climate agreement.

Welcome STENA EBBA, the newest addition to Stena Line´s Baltic Sea E-Flexers

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Stena Line introduces the second of the two large E-Flexer class vessels to be deployed on the route Karlskrona-Gdynia: In December 2022, the brand new STENA EBBA will join her sister STENA ESTELLE, which will connect Southern Sweden and Poland from August onwards.

The twin ferries are the two largest of the E-Flexer class of Stena Line and have an increased capacity of 50% more cabins, 30% more passengers and 15% more cargo vs existing E-Flexer vessels.

Port of Dover introduces new measures to get summer holidays off to the best start

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The Port of Dover is expanding interim border control infrastructure, improving traffic systems and issuing fresh traveller guidance ahead of the busy summer travel season, which is expected to return to pre-pandemic volumes this year.

  • To help keep waiting times to a minimum, the Port is installing 50% more booths for use by French border control to enable greater passenger throughput, with installation to be completed before the key summer getaway weekend of 22-24 July.
  • Internal traffic routes around the Port have been repositioned to improve vehicle flows and give more flexibility in managing busy periods.
  • The Port’s expanded team of Passenger Champions will be mingling with customers on-site to provide help and information.
  • Welfare provisions such as toilet facilities and a new refreshment stand will be available ahead of border controls, subject to opening times

The Port of Dover strongly recommends the following to all passengers:

  • As the UK is no longer part of the European Union, holidaymakers are subject to enhanced checks at the border, and passengers are advised to expect average wait times of around 60-90 minutes for French border controls at the Port during peak periods.
  • Confirm ticket availability or book tickets prior to travelling to the port.
  • Before setting off, visit your ferry operator’s website for updates.
  • Read Kent County Council’s ‘check before you travel’ guide, to be fully prepared for your journey.
  • Allow plenty of time for your journey, and arrive only for your allotted sailing.
  • Bring adequate supplies, including food and water, in case of delays.
  • Travel via main routes only, to avoid causing traffic delays for yourself and local residents.
  • Have your documents ready to show at French border controls and check-in booths. These include passports, vaccination certificates or Covid test results, if applicable. This will ensure the quickest possible transit and reduce the queuing time for other vehicles.