June 6, 2019

Rauma Marine Constructions has signed an agreement with their partner network for the delivery of a power system for the new Wasaline ferry.

The vessel will employ a hybrid power generation system as well as an electric propulsion system rarely used in ro-pax ferries.

Batteries are dimensioned for the vessel’s operation in port without using main engines. The energy storage system is charged from shore power, which is also used for the vessel’s other power needs during the stay at the harbour.

The power for the propulsors is generated by an integrated system solution, which can utilise the dual-fuel engines or the energy storage system chargeable from shore power. The main source of fuel is LNG (or biogas).

The hybrid power solution will be created together with RMC’s technology partner WE Tech Solutions Oy. The main switchboards will be provided by VEO, the propulsion drive system with a novel frequency converter solution will be manufactured by Danfoss/Vacon, the energy storage system with Li-Ion battery packages will be provided by Leclanché, and WEG will manufacture the generators.

The new ferry is scheduled for delivery in April 2021 and it will operate daily between Vaasa and Umeå.