January 9, 2020
  • +4.2% cargo units (133,940) = an all-time record.
  • -1.7% Passengers (6,300,480) The volume decrease can primarily be attributed to cruise traffic between Stockholm and Mariehamn, with results affected by longer special cruises during the summer and fewer departures due to dry-docking. During the year, the ambition was to monitor and optimize ticket prices, which also had an impact on the volume trend.
  • +2.6% on ROSELLA, which sails between Mariehamn and Kapellskär with 752,336 passengers. Good result because of passengers with cars and Swedish cruise passengers
  • +0.4% passengers Helsinki – Tallinn (1,955,318).
  • +1.3% passenger cars (714,006) = second best ever.