Attica Group invests in Greek tourism – buys one more hotel

April 12, 2024

Through its subsidiary Attica Blue Hospitality, Attica Group is expanding into the hotel industry with a €14 million investment. They acquired the Galaxy Hotel, adjacent to the Naxos Resort Beach Hotel (bought in 2021-, on the island of Naxos.

Additionally, the Group has acquired adjacent land parcels totaling approximately 20 acres, paving the way for future development. With a combined capacity of 142 rooms and 286 beds, Attica Group aims to expand further, respecting the island’s character and environment.

Mr. Panos Dikeos, CEO of Attica Group, highlights the strategic importance of this expansion, emphasizing its contribution to local economies and Greece’s tourism sector. With a growing presence in Naxos and Tinos, Attica Group remains committed to providing quality services and supporting sustainable tourism growth.