Attica Group Will Invest EUR 31,3 Million on Anek Lines’ Vessel Upgrades

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According to the Greek press, Attica Group decided to invest EUR 31,3 million in Anek Lines’ vessels after the completion of the merger process with the Chania-based ferry operator.

More specifically, EUR 20 million will be given for the installation of scrubber units on two ANEK Line ships, while another EUR 11,3 million will be spend on the upgrading of its fleet.

Attica Group estimates that the company will save EUR 9,5 million from the scrubber conversion on both ships.

The merger will form the second largest passenger shipping company in Europe in terms of passenger capacity, while Attica Group will maintain the brand of ANEK Lines.

Attica Group H1 2023 Financial Results

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Attica Group’s financial results for H1 present an increase in revenue in both geographical segments the Group operates in, namely domestic and international routes.

  • +21% consolidated revenue MEUR 244.26
  • +18% increase in the number of sailings, as well as increase in vessels utilization rate, supported by the lifting, since mid-March 2022, of the state imposed reduced capacity protocol for passengers (due to Covid-19 restrictions).
  • EBITDA MEUR 47.49 (losses of MEUR 9.61 in H1, 2022)
  • Consolidated profit after taxes MEUR 3.25 (consolidated losses after taxes of MEUR 30.54 in H1, 2022).
  • Group operating expenses, MEUR 190.6 (MEUR 211.91 in H1, 2022) affected mainly by the decrease in fuel prices and partially counterbalanced by the increase in crew expenses and vessels maintenance and repair costs.
  • The increase in Group revenue, combined with the reduction in operating expenses during the same period, led to an increase in gross profit, as well as consolidated profits before taxes, investing and financial results, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA).
  • Group Equity stood at MEUR 362.51 from MEUR 357.75 as at 31 December 2022.

Traffic Volumes in H1, 2023

2.4 million passengers +14.2%

365,000 private vehicles +3.7%

209,000 freight units +0.5%


Developments within Current Year

During the two-month period July – August 2023, the Group increased its turnover by 2.6% compared to the corresponding period last year.

For the entire fiscal year 2023, an increase is expected in the turnover and the net income of the Group compared to fiscal year 2022.

The key factors that will further determine the financial performance mainly relate to traffic volumes and international fuel prices evolution, the latter currently presenting intensely rising trends.

Source: Attica Group

Attica Group: condolences, disbelief and in-depth investigation

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  • One crewmember of BLUE HORIZON was charged with homicide with possible intent, and two others with complicity, after the death of a passenger who was pushed into the sea earlier this week.
  • Launch of in-depth investigation, fully supported by Attica Board of Directors.
  • Resignation of CEO, Mr Spyridon Paschalis.
  • The duties of the CEO will be temporarily assumed by CFO, Mr Panagiotis Dikaios.


Source: the Greek website of Attica Group

Attica Group to absorb Anek Lines: official statement

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Excerpt from the English-language press release from the Hellenic Competition Commission:

“The Plenary Session of the HCC (Hellenic Competition Commission) concluded that, although the merger may significantly restrict the operation of competition, in particular by creating or strengthening a dominant position, in the relevant markets for the provision of maritime transport services for passengers, cars and trucks in certain pairs of ports (Origin-Destination) in Crete and the Adriatic, the three conditions of the failing firm defence are fulfilled.

More specifically, the Competition Commission concluded that:

  1. a) ANEK would be forced to exit the market in the near future due to its financial difficulties,
  2. b) that there was no other alternative acquisition option, less harmful to competition, other than the notified concentration, and
  3. c) that there was no credible interest in acquiring the assets of ANEK and therefore the company’s assets would exit the market.

In any event, on the balance and the overall of the affected markets, the competitive structure will not be worse as a result of the merger than it would be in case of a non-liquidation of the company’s assets, and is therefore not causally related to it.”

Attica Group: Q3 2022

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Key Financial Figures (in EUR)


Q3= 220.17mln = +48.45%

9M= 421.61mln = +55.86%


Q3= 62.33mln (47.11mln in the corresponding 2021 period)

9M= 52.73mln (42.74mln in the corresponding 2021 periods)


Q3= 49.09mln (33.34mln in the corresponding 2021 period)

9M= 14.62mln (4.31mln in the corresponding 2021 period)

Consolidated Profit after taxes

Q3= 60.70mln (profit after taxes of 32.74mln in the corresponding 2021 period)

9M= 30.16mln (loss after taxes of 1.31mln in the corresponding 2021 period)


For the forthcoming months of 2022, which constitute months of low traffic, the Group’s traffic volumes are expected to be at pre Covid-19 levels.


The Group holds adequate liquidity with its cash and cash equivalents standing at Euro 75.67mln on 30.09.2022 compared to Euro 97.36mln as at 31.12.2021. Moreover, on 30.09.2022 the Group maintains undrawn credit lines amounting to Euro 15mln.

In October 2022, the Company has entered into bilateral credit facilities with three Greek credit institutions for a total amount of Euro 210mln and tenors from five to seven years, successfully concluding the long-term refinancing of all Group’s credit facilities maturing in 2022- 2023. The above agreements result in the reduction of the average interest rate margin of the Group.

Moreover, ICAP S.A., pursuant to its regular reassessment of the Company, upgraded its credit rating by one (1) notch by assigning it a ΑΑ credit rating (low credit risk zone).

Attica Group H1 sees gradual normalization of Group’s financial results to pre-Covid 19 levels

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Consolidated (in EUR)

  • Revenue 201.45m (122.19m in H1, 2021) Following the lifting of the state imposed reduced capacity protocol for transporting passengers by vessels since March 2022, Group revenue increased by 65% as compared to the 1st half of 2021, indicating the gradual normalization of the Group’s operations to pre Covid 19 levels.
  • Losses before taxes, investing and financial results, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) of 9.61m (4.38m).
  • Losses after taxes 30.54m (consolidated losses after taxes of 34.05m in H1, 2021)
  • The increase in traffic volumes, and therefore in the Group revenue, was offset by the prolonged increased price of fuel (the average price of fuel oil consumed in H1, 2022 increased by 99% compared to H1, 2021), resulting in the increase of the Group’s operating costs.
  • Fuel price hedging transactions, conducted for part of the fuel consumption of the Group’s vessels pursuant to the Group’s hedging policy, contributed by 12.8m to the reduction of the Group consolidated losses compared to H1, 2021.
  • Group’s cash and cash equivalents stood at 67.88m (97.36m on 31.12.2021).
  • The total debt of the Group amounted to 467.42m (481.59m on 31.12.2021).

Traffic volumes (compared to H1, 2021)

+108% passengers

+56% private vehicles

+16% freight units

+54% number of sailings

Agreement with creditors and shareholders of ANEK

On 21.9.2022, the Company announced that an agreement was reached with the largest creditors of ANEK S.A., as well as with ANEK shareholders representing 57.70% of the total share capital of ANEK.

The agreement provides for:

  1. a) the merger by absorption of ANEK by the Company at an exchange ratio of 1 common or preference share of ANEK to 0.1217 new common registered shares of ATTICA and
  2. b) the payment by the post-merger entity of the amount of EUR 80,000,000 in full and complete repayment of ANEK’s loan obligations to the above creditors (outstanding capital in an amount of EUR 236,419,251.23 plus total outstanding interest accrued on the date of completion of the intended transaction).

The agreement was executed on 23.9.2022.

Attica Group: a new giant with 45 ferries

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The merger of ANEK with Attica Group will lead to the formation of a new shipping giant in Greece. It will operate 45 ferries on all the main Greece and Italy lines.

With the specific agreement a significant write-off of the ANEK’s’ debts by EUR 156,4 million was decided. Attica Group will only pay EUR 80 million from the total of EUR 236,4 million.

After the completion of the agreement, which is expected by March 2023, Attica group will control four companies in Greece: Superfast Ferries, Blue Star Ferries, Hellenic Seaways and ANEK Lines.

Attica Group also operates in the Western Mediterranean with a 49% stake in Africa Morocco Line.