Attica Group Will Invest EUR 31,3 Million on Anek Lines’ Vessel Upgrades

By 3 November 20232023 Newsletter week 44
November 3, 2023

According to the Greek press, Attica Group decided to invest EUR 31,3 million in Anek Lines’ vessels after the completion of the merger process with the Chania-based ferry operator.

More specifically, EUR 20 million will be given for the installation of scrubber units on two ANEK Line ships, while another EUR 11,3 million will be spend on the upgrading of its fleet.

Attica Group estimates that the company will save EUR 9,5 million from the scrubber conversion on both ships.

The merger will form the second largest passenger shipping company in Europe in terms of passenger capacity, while Attica Group will maintain the brand of ANEK Lines.