November 28, 2019

Direct Ferries’ CEO Sean Cornwell and his team strongly believe the ferry industry has a once in a generation opportunity to redefine ferry travel and the appeal of it to whole new customer segments who before would never have considered taking the ferry. “The world is changing and we in the ferry industry have an opportunity to be on the front foot on this.”

The data (from the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – DEFRA) is compelling and clear cut.  Per kilometre travelled, a foot passenger on a ferry uses 18g of CO2 – considerably less than a coach, bus, rail or plane. A family of 4 in car taking a ferry will use just ~25% of the CO2/person that they would have used had they taken a flight to their destination (43g+18g vs. 254g).

“Many of you compete directly with low-cost airlines and this is a powerful message to tell your potential customers,” concludes Sean Cornwell.