Getlink Launches a New Unaccompanied Rail Freight Cross-Channel Service

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From September 18, 2021, a new cross-Channel freight service will be open to all transporters, using an unaccompanied mode through the Channel Tunnel, says Getlink in a press release.

The crossing will be managed by Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight and will operate 24 hours a day and six days per week.

Departures will be from the Group’s two terminals in Calais or Folkestone. The capacity will be 8,300 trailers per year.

Getlink plays the environmental card, saying that “this new rail service will emit 40 times less CO2 than ferries,” referring to the DFDS Calais – Sheerness service.


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“Short Straits to Smart Straits”

Coalition Project Unites Port of Dover and GetLink

Short Straits gateway consists of the Port of Dover and Eurotunnel (Getlink). Together they draw attention on the fact that they:

  • occupy a unique strategic location at the critical trading intersection with the UK’s main trading partner
  • provide the quickest and most frequent services, supporting just-in-time supply chains across the UK
  • handle 50% of the UK’s trade in goods with Europe

On 3 February, the coalition has proposed a new initiative to the UK Government: “Short Straits to Smart Straits”

Instead of the Governments Freeports ambitions the coalition wants to develop the world’s smartest border through a number of solutions that will help remove border frictions and create a world-leading virtual border solution for the Government’s 2025 UK Border Strategy.

The coalition also pursues the goal to pioneer the UK’s first zero emissions logistics corridors, linking with the Government’s important sustainability agenda to build back better through its Green Industrial Revolution and Maritime 2050.

Getlink’s Shuttle Profits Temporarily from Lifting of Quarantine

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Q3, 2020 results for Channel Tunnel

Traffic statistics

  • -3% Trucks on Truck Shuttles
  • -30% Cars, Motorhomes, Motorcycles… on Passenger Shuttles
  • -74% Coaches on Passenger Shuttles
  • -89% Passengers on Eurostar trains
  • -23% Rail Freight Trains


Finance data

  • -17% Revenue (for the Group)
  • -19% Revenue (for Eurotunnel)

Only -2% Revenue (Eurotunnel Shuttle) “as a result of the bounce back observed following the temporary lifting of UK quarantine measures during Le Shuttle’s peak summer season, the resilience of the Truck Shuttle’s traffic and the positive effects of the Group’s yield management strategy.”


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No Need to Self-Isolate for Eurotunnel Passengers?

GetLink’s (EuroTunnel) figures for August are surprising: Le Shuttle carried 267,942 passenger vehicles, or only -28% compared to last year (373,084).

On August 15, the UK re-imposed quarantine, causing a busy day on August 14, with with 11,600 vehicles and 30,000 passengers.

Interesting to see is –quoting Eurotunnel’s website– that there is no need for self-isolate if you haven’t left your car.

The website says that, “Our understanding of the UK Government’s position is that if you drive through a country that is not on the list for quarantine exemption on your way to the UK, without getting out of your car, or allowing anyone to enter your car, then there is no additional need to self-isolate on your entry to the UK. You must check the status of all the countries you have visited, in which you have got out of your car.”

Groupe Eurotunnel has changed its name to Getlink

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Although it is not a ferry company it might be interesting to know that ‘the Channel Tunnel’ has changed its name from Groupe Eurotunnel into Getlink, as noted on the Paris and London Stock Exchange (GET, Euronext Paris and Euronext London)
Getlink now leads the businesses of four major commercial brands

  • Eurotunnel, the cross Channel service with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle and Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight
  • Europorte, the leading private rail freight operator in France,
  • ElecLink, the future electrical interconnector between the UK and France,
  • CIFFCO, the leading private European railway training centre.

Each year, Getlink transports more than 20 million passengers, 1.6 million trucks, 2.6 million cars, and, soon, also 1 gigawatt of electricity.
In a press release, Getlink says boldly that their services “have always been the safest way to cross the Channel and to transport goods,” adding that they are “amongst the most environmentally friendly.”