September 10, 2020

No Need to Self-Isolate for Eurotunnel Passengers?

GetLink’s (EuroTunnel) figures for August are surprising: Le Shuttle carried 267,942 passenger vehicles, or only -28% compared to last year (373,084).

On August 15, the UK re-imposed quarantine, causing a busy day on August 14, with with 11,600 vehicles and 30,000 passengers.

Interesting to see is –quoting Eurotunnel’s website– that there is no need for self-isolate if you haven’t left your car.

The website says that, “Our understanding of the UK Government’s position is that if you drive through a country that is not on the list for quarantine exemption on your way to the UK, without getting out of your car, or allowing anyone to enter your car, then there is no additional need to self-isolate on your entry to the UK. You must check the status of all the countries you have visited, in which you have got out of your car.”