Brexit impacts on Dublin Port clear to be seen after nine months

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  • Port of Dublin says in its Q3 report that core freight and container volumes from Britain declined by 21.2% to 537,680 units between January and September this year (Holyhead, Liverpool and Heysham).
  • In contrast, volumes on continental European, direct routes increased by 36% to 522,765 units. (Mainly Rotterdam, Zeebrugge, Antwerp and Cherbourg).
  • Containers and trailers in the RoRo and LoLo modes – the largest part of Dublin Port’s business – declined by just -0.5% to 1,060,445 units but with very different trends between the two modes:

RoRo -6.6% (707,212 units)

LoLo +14.4% (353,233 units)

  • Behind the different trends in Ro-Ro and Lo-Lo, there has also been a large and consistent change in the geographical mix of Dublin Port’s trade since the introduction of Brexit border controls in January 2021.
  • As a result, unitised volumes on routes to Great Britain now account for just over one half (51%) of all unitised trade where, before Brexit, they accounted for approaching two-thirds (64%).
  • Allied to this, the proportion of RoRo units which are driver accompanied (181,605 after nine months) has fallen from 32% to 26%.
  • Dublin currently has two shipping lines looking to commence services. They cannot be accommodated. Dublin has a short-term and a long-term plan.

Tirrenia’s Head Quarter In Naples To Be Closed Down At The End Of February

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After the last meeting with the top management of the company, labour unions announced that Tirrenia will definitely close down its historical head quarter in Naples where some 40 administrative employees work. They will be asked to move to Livorno.

The decision is part of Moby’s debt restructuring and cost saving plan currently under discussion with the creditors (banks, bond holders and the bad company Tirrenia in Amministrazione Straordinaria).

Palazzo Sirignano, this is the name of the historical building, is bound to become a luxury hotel.