Tirrenia’s Head Quarter In Naples To Be Closed Down At The End Of February

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After the last meeting with the top management of the company, labour unions announced that Tirrenia will definitely close down its historical head quarter in Naples where some 40 administrative employees work. They will be asked to move to Livorno.

The decision is part of Moby’s debt restructuring and cost saving plan currently under discussion with the creditors (banks, bond holders and the bad company Tirrenia in Amministrazione Straordinaria).

Palazzo Sirignano, this is the name of the historical building, is bound to become a luxury hotel.


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Connecting Ireland after Brexit

Ireland has ramped up direct shipping routes to mainland Europe since the end of the Brexit transition period. This has resulted in new routes and the addition of tonnage capacity.

Rather than giving the information in bits and pieces we want to keep an overall view on the market. That’s why we start with this weekly feature: a logbook of what’s happening.

This is a growing project. We start with the different events on the seabridge between the Republic of Ireland and the Continent. As from next week we’re also going to keep track of the landbridge connections.

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