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Stena Line’s Newest Ship Debuts on Rosslare-Cherbourg instead of Belfast-Liverpool

Stena Line’s brand-new STENA EMBLA will make its Irish Sea debut on the Rosslare-Cherbourg service.  Originally scheduled for service on the Belfast-Liverpool route, due to the current Brexit related shift for direct routes and increasing customer demand, Stena Line has decided to temporarily deploy her on Rosslare-Cherbourg.

The first sailing will be from Rosslare on 14 January 2021.

STENA EMBLA will make three weekly return trips between Rosslare and Cherbourg, which alongside the STENA FORETELLER will see Stena Line operate 12 crossing per week between Ireland and the Continent.

Ferry Shipping News understands that route vessel STENA HORIZON needs maintenance. If she will return on the route is so far unclear.

Stockpiling Boosted DFDS December Freight Figures

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DFDS December volume report: Freight up 28% boosted by stockbuilding ahead of brexit

  • Freight lane metres (,000):
  • December 3,594 (2,810) = +28%
  • Full year 40,886 (41,280)= -1.0%
  • Passenger (,000):
  • December 78 (370)= -79.0%
  • Full year 1,498 (5,116)= -70.7%

North Sea volumes were boosted by stockbuilding ahead of Brexit, especially on the routes between Netherlands and the UK but also between Sweden and the UK.

Volumes on the English Channel were likewise boosted by the stockbuilding.

Baltic Sea volumes were above 2019 adjusted for the closure of the Paldiski-Hanko route.

Mediterranean volumes were above 2019 driven by higher volumes on all main corridors.

Eurostat: Top 5 of EU RoRo Ports (tonnage) in Q2, 2020

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Dover remained the largest European roro port in Q2 of 2020.

On the other side of the Channel, the port of Calais was in the second place, followed by Immingham, Dublin and the Swedish port of Trelleborg, which enters the top 5 for first time.

The five ports recorded a substantial fall in Q2 compared to the same quarter of 2019; the largest observed for Immingham (-23.7 %), followed by Calais (-13.3 %), Dublin (-13.2 %), Dover and Trelleborg (both 12.1 %).

When looking at the overall annual change compared to the previous period, all five ports also registered a fall. The highest was observed for Dover (-11.8 %), followed by Calais (-11.4 %), Immingham (-6.1 %), Dublin (-4.8 %) and Trelleborg (-2.7 %).

CLdN Continues to Add Capacity on Continent – UK Routes

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CLdN is to step up preparations for the end of the Brexit transitional phase on 31st December 2020 by introducing additional capacity on its UK routes.

  • Last week 25% extra capacity was added on both the Rotterdam – London and Rotterdam – Humberside routes.
  • In addition, and from week 42, an extra vessel will be deployed and thus a third daily sailing will be added on the Zeebrugge – London route to serve the growing demand.

One of the reasons for the high demand is the fact that British companies are preparing for a no-deal end of the Brexit transition period by stockpiling essential goods.


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News from our Sponsor Adonis: SeaDream Implements Adonis

After a lengthy selection and review process, SeaDream Yacht Club, the Norwegian cruise line is now installing Adonis’ market leading HR and payroll platform.

SeaDream is operating cruises in the western Norwegian fjords this summer (instead of the Mediterranean).  This means that the ships are easily accessible and the implementation project will be completed much quicker.

“Even though we currently only have two ships in operation, there is an urgent requirement to migrate to a new personnel administration solution. The opportunities presented by Adonis’ Self-Service module are significant and the value of this aspect will only increase as we roll it out through the company. The efficiencies this will bring will enable us to make significant time and cost savings for years to come,” says Jannik Madsen, Director Maritime Personnel Manager at SeaDream’s head office in Oslo.


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U.K. Revives Operation Brock

The Brexit could create chaos, especially in the Dover area (Channel ferries and Eurotunnel).

The UK Department for Transport decided to resurrect Operation Brock, a traffic management system designed to limit tailbacks.

Therefore, it started a consultation round about proposed legislative amendments for enforcing traffic management plans for outbound heavy commercial vehicles in Kent after the EU transition period.

This consultation closes at 11:59pm on 23 August 2020


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Brexit Affected Port of Calais and the Channel Tunnel

Port of Calais had a turbulent year 2019, with the following reasons:

  • Brexit
  • A strike from the customs
  • Weak GBP versus strong EUR = less tourism

Key figures:

  • -4.6% freight (1.8 million units), which means 90,000 less trucks.
  • -7.0% pax (8.5 million)
  • -8.7% cars (1.5 million)
  • -6.0% coaches

Brexit also affected Getlink (Channel Tunnel)

Key figures:

  • -6.0% freight (1.6 million units)
  • +1.0% Eurostar pax (11 million)
  • -2.0% cars (2.6 million)

Market share for trucks:

  • 46.0% Calais
  • 40.4% tunnel

DFDS Offers Passengers its Brexit Guarantee

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Following the 2019 general election result in the UK, DFDS has reminded its passengers they can continue to book to travel to the Continent with confidence.

Kasper Moos, Vice President and Head of Short Routes & Passenger, confirmed that the DFDS Brexit Guarantee will continue.

He said: “We created the Brexit Guarantee earlier this year so that people could rest assured their trips are safe with us and they can book with confidence. This guarantee means if you book direct you are able to cancel with no additional cost.

I want to reassure our passengers that we now expect an orderly transition for the UK to leave the EU which means that there will be no changes to passenger travel until the end of December 2020 at the earliest. At DFDS it is business as usual over the busy Christmas and New Year period. We will still be linking the UK to Europe, Brexit or no Brexit.”

Anyone with questions about their travel plans can get all the latest advice at the DFDS Brexit FAQs page www.dfds.com/en-gb/brexit.