July 4, 2019

Based in Ajaccio, the Corsican Assembly (L’Assemblée de Corse) is the unicameral legislative body of the territorial collectivity of Corsica. Last week, on 27 June, it took the decision concerning the attribution of the DSP (delegation of public service) for the five ferry lifelines between Marseille and Corsica.

  • The contracts for Bastia, Ajaccio and Ile Rousse have been given to Corsica Linea.
  • The tender for Propriano and Porto-Vecchio has been declared unsuccessful and needs another decision. A new tender procedure for these two smaller ports will be started imminently. Either La Mériodionale could get these, or Corsica Linea. In the latter case, Corsica Linea would have a monopoly position on the DSP.

So far, it means that La Meridionale does not have any DSP-subsidised route. That’s why they were on strike for several days. However, the strike ended as a possible partnership with Corsica Linea is in the making. The actual DSP starts in October, and is only for 15 months. It is a test to redefine the needs of the customers. The next DSP will be for a duration of 10 years. La Meridionale wants to make sure not jeopardise any chance of participating at this decade-long DSP, eventually by partnering up with the company with the red ferries.