August 9, 2019

Finnlines Calculated Passenger-Specific Route CO2 Emissions

“Finnlines’ vessels are an eco-friendly choice for passengers,” says the company, now that shipping is coming under attack in the media.

Passenger-specific carbon-dioxide figures for 2018 have been calculated on Finnlines’ passenger routes, Naantali–Kapellskär, Malmö–Travemünde and Helsinki–Travemünde. The figures will be updated on a yearly basis and this will be the base for future calculations.

In 2018, CO2 emissions per passenger on routes:

  • Naantali–Kapellskär was 13–14 kg CO2/passenger (FINNSWAN, FINNFELLOW)
  • Malmö–Travemünde was 15–16 kg CO2/passenger (EUROPALINK, FINNPARTNER, FINNTRADER)
  • Helsinki–Travemünde was 69–79 kg CO2/passenger (FINNLADY, FINNMAID, FINNSTAR).

Differences are due to passenger numbers and, for example, weather conditions and route choices.