November 15, 2018

Corsica: One Of The Three Candidates Rejected For… For What?

Last week we wrote that three ferry companies were competing for the Public Service Delegation contract: Corsica Ferries, Corsica Linea and CMN/La Mériodionale.

The OTC (Office des Transports Corse) who has to take the decision, rejected one offer. After some speculation in the press, Lota Maritime SA (Corsica Ferries) was eventually informed officially on Wednesday 14 November that their offer was rejected because of non-conformity.

The company is criticized for not having complied with the requested digital format, which was required in addition to the paper version.

In a television interview with France 3, Lota Maritime’s CEO Pierre Mattei says he “nearly fell from his chair when he got the news.”

He said that even if the digital information would have been missing (which he denies), the OTC could still see the enclosed paper version.

Mr Mattei concludes the interview by saying his lawyers will examine the case.