Corsica Ferries went shopping in the Baltic, again

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  • Corsica Ferries agreed to buy AMORELLA from Viking Line.
  • Ship to be delivered in October 2022.
  • Sales price EUR 19,1 million
  • Book value as of 30 June 2022 was EUR 3.2 million
  • Crew to be offered work on Viking Line’s other vessels
  • Viking Line says it is not abandoning the Helsinki – Stockholm route, but it will continue the traffic with one ship during the winter and evaluate strategic alternatives for the continuation of the route

Polish Port of Kołobrzeg is looking for a partner to create a terminal and launch a ferry connection

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Zarząd Portu Morskiego Kołobrzeg Sp. z o.o. [The Management Board of the Kołobrzeg Seaport Ltd.] is looking for a Partner to create a terminal and launch a ferry connection.

The task will be performed by granting a concession to operate the terminal and operate the ferry connection.

Zarząd Portu Morskiego Kołobrzeg Sp. z o.o. [The Management Board of the Kołobrzeg Seaport Ltd.] has a Functional and Utility Program and Navigation Expertise for specific ferries, which are attached to the procedure.

Corsica Ferries number one in passengers, Corsica Linea in freight

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The Corsican Chambre of Commerce [] publishes monthly the ferry statistics.

When looking at the 2021 results, two main trends are visible:

  • Corsica Ferries (the yellow ships) has the biggest share of passenger traffic, with Toulon as main continental port.
  • Corsica Linea (the red ships) has the biggest share of freight, with Marseille as main continental port

Corsica voted for a new DSP of seven years

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The new delegation of maritime public service (“DSP”) was voted on Thursday (28 April 2022) by the majority by the Assembly of Corsica, after 7 hours of stormy debates between the territorial executive and the opposition.

The new DSP 2023-2029 will cover the connection between five Corsican ports and Marseille. Each year, during seven years, EUR 85 million will be available.

The opposition voted against or abstained, for two main reasons:

  • Repeating a 50-year-old scheme that is in favour of Marseille as continental port (longer distance from Corsica than Toulon or Nice)
  • Eight years is too long and prevents any possible start a Corsica-based ferry company.

From several sources Ferry Shipping News understands that the European Commission acknowledged the need for a subsidized service.

Next step: selecting the ferry operators.

Arm wrestling between Collectivity and Corsica Ferries continues

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At the end of September, the Collectivité de Corse (CDC) was definitively ordered by the Council of State to pay 86.3 million euros to Corsica Ferries in compensation for the damage related to the ‘illegal subsidy’ of its competitor, the former SNCM between 2007 and 2013.

February 10, 2022, was the deadline to settle the entire amount and its interest.

After a long legal battle, condemnation of the CDC, and lobbying, the French State announced that it would grant 50 million euros to the CDC, to help to pay its fine.

Now a procedure has been started by the prefecture for the remaining sum due to Corsica Ferries for an amount of 9.2 million euros (the interests).

SNCM is dead but its ghost continues to haunt the public authorities… and Corsica Ferries

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The Corsica executive council has decided not to include the fine of EUR 86.3 million in the 2021 supplementary budget of the Collectivité de Corse (CDC).

At the end of September, the CDC had been definitively ordered by the Council of State to pay EUR 86.3 million to Corsica Ferries, in compensation for the damage linked to the illegal subsidies of its former competitor SNCM, between 2007 and 2013.

CDC refuses to pay and wants the French State to take its responsibilities. To be continued…

Former SARDINIA REGINA sold to Kevalay Travel & Tourism for a new Turkey-Libya link

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Corsica Ferries seem to have finally sold their veteran ferry SARDINIA REGINA as anticipated last summer with a public announcement released by the Coast Guard in Genoa.

The vessel was expected to change flag (and ownership) from Italy to Libya. Indeed, the new owner appears to be Kevalay Travel & Tourism.

SARDINIA REGINA, operated by Corsica Ferries since 1986 on the routes linking France and Italy to Corsica, is now expected to be renamed KEVALAY QUEEN and should be deployed on a new regular line between Turkey (Izmir) and Libya (Misurata)

One Billion Zlotys for the Construction of Four Ferries

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  • One billion zlotys (EUR 220 million) for the construction of 3+1 ropax ferries for PŻM and PŻB.
  • Signing of the notarial deed on Tuesday 14 September for the creation of company Polskie Promy, established for this circumstance and representing the two shipowners.
  • Polish Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Marek Gróbarczyk said that it was a continuation of the “Batory” project.

Grendi and Corsica Ferries Express Interest in the subsidised line Civitavecchia – Cagliari

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After two failed attempts of public tenders for the maritime continuity on the Civitavecchia – Arbatax – Cagliari route between Sardinia island and Italy mainland, the Italian transport ministry is desperately trying to reactivate the line which had been operated by Tirrenia Cin until last September 15th.

Once the subsidised period expired, the Moby-controlled company stopped the service and now the local government is talking with all the ferry companies potentially interested at operating the line.

It seems among them there is also Corsica Ferries which expressed its interest in partnership with Grendi Trasporti Marittimi, but also Grimaldi, Grandi Navi Veloci and Tirrenia Cin are in talks with the ministry.

Both the previous public tenders failed for several reasons, both financial (not enough public money offered) and operative since the requested stop in the port of Arbatax is considered inefficient and worthless by the companies.