June 7, 2018

Despite the positive commercial development of Danske Færger A/S, a 50/50 Joint venture with the Danish State, the operating result decreased in 2017. The main reason for the decrease is extraordinary reservations for closing the

Bornholm routes in August 2018.

  • Net result of DKK 124 million (DKK 44 million).
  • Passengers 4,465 million passengers (+4.3%) and 1,195 million cars (+6.3%)
  • The result is positively affected by the sale of HAMMERODDE to Stena RoRo during 2017.

With the closing of the Bornholm Routes in August 2018, Danske Færger A/S is expected to have a still positive result ranging around DKK 50 million in 2018.