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Baleària to be First Shipping Line in the World with Bureau Veritas Covid-19 Certification

Baleària is working towards being the first shipping line in the world to obtain the Global Safe Site Covid-19 badge at the highest level (Excellence) from Bureau Veritas, certifying that its ships and the ferry terminals that it manages implement specific procedures, cleaning plans, organisational and personal protective measures to prevent Covid-19.

The carrier will also periodically be testing for the possible presence of the virus on surfaces in order to obtain the certificate at Excellence level.


This certificate will guarantee that Baleària goes beyond the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation, conducting more complete, reinforced procedures beyond those indicated by said authorities in terms of safety and cleaning. Certification will cover 16 of the company’s ships (the 12 currently in operation and an additional 4 expected to enter service when the current restrictions on passenger travel are lifted), as well as the two ferry terminals that it manages directly (Dénia and Valencia). Certification is expected to be issued in early June, and will be renewed every 6 months with periodic inspections.

TS Laevad and Estonian Road Administration Sign Agreement for Additional Trips and New Ferry for Virtsu-Kuivastu

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Ferry operator TS Laevad and the Estonian Road Administration signed an agreement with the aim of performing at least 500 additional voyages on the Virtsu-Kuivastu route each year in the period 1 June 2020 – 30 September 2026.

Since it is not possible to do this with the existing fleet during the peak season, it is necessary to acquire a new additional ferry for the route.

According to the state’s wishes, the vessel must be environmentally friendly, have an ice class and an on-board shop, and can also be used on the Rohuküla-Heltermaa line with low sea level. The total length of a suitable ferry is up to 114m, draft about 3.5m, capacity approximately 300 passengers and 110-120 passenger cars or 8 semi-trailer trucks with a length of 19m.

TS Laevad plans to organize a tender for the construction of the additional ferry in the second half of 2020 after the completion of the design work.

Viking Line Slowly Restarts Passenger Services

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As a result of the Finnish government’s decision on May 4, 2020 to gradually ease some of the restrictions related to the coronavirus, starting May 14 Viking Line will open up passenger service again for essential traffic (travel for work…)

Four of Viking Line’s seven vessels will continue their service between Finland and Sweden, the Åland Islands and Estonia. People will be able to continue travelling as usual between the Finnish mainland and Åland. The new regulations enter into effect on May 14, 2020.

Viking Line’s service until May 31, 2020:

  • Turku – Åland – Stockholm with VIKING GRACE and AMORELLA according to the following timetable.
  • Mariehamn – Kapellskär with ROSELLA on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday according to the following timetable.
  • Helsinki – Tallinn with GABRIELLA according to the following timetable.

Service between Helsinki and Stockholm will be suspended until at least May 31, 2020.

VIKING XPRS, which normally operates between Helsinki and Tallinn, will be out of service until at least May 31, 2020.

SPL PRINCESS ANASTASIA as a Floating Hotel – Stop Rumours Says Moby SPL

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Taking into account the absence of precise deadlines for the resumption of regular ferry services between St. Petersburg and the Baltic Sea ports due to the restrictions imposed by the Government of the Russian Federation and EU countries to fight the new coronavirus infection COVID-19, MOBY SPL decided to temporarily use the SPL PRINCESS ANASTASIA ferry in another commercial project in Murmansk, Russia as a floating hotel.

In a press release, the company says it “may bring a similar passenger vessel as a substitute to continue the operations.”

The company also asks the media to stop speculation, by “only considering the official comments of the representatives of the company MOBY SPL in order to present the correct information.”


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Brittany Ferries Goes on with the Planned Investments, in Spite Of Challenging Year

At its General Assembly on May 5, Brittany Ferries recalled that tourism is part of its DNA and stressed its major economic contribution to the regions it serves. Chairman Jean-Marc Roué recalled that the history of Brittany Ferries is intrinsically linked to that of the regions it has served, since its foundation. He also said that 2020 will be a challenging year. However, investments will go on as planned:

GALICIA (UK – Spain) to be delivered in July, in service in November

HONFLEUR (France – UK) delayed due to problems of yard in Flensburg

SALAMANCA (UK – Spain) keel laid in April 2020

SANTOñA (UK – Spain) 2023

Before the crisis, the company operated 12 ships on 12 routes, linking  France, UK, Ireland and Spain.

Since March 19, BF only transports goods, with 5 ships on Caen-Portsmouth, Cherbourg-Portsmouth, Santander-Portsmouth, Bilbao-Poole and Bilbao-Rosslare.

Key figures for 2019

Revenue EUR 469 million

Passengers 2.49 million (-4.9%)

Cars 866,000 (-5%)

Freight 202,000 (-1.9%)

Brexit with its uncertainty and repeated delays are the main cause for the trend

DFDS Q1 Published – Outlook Mainly Affected by Travel Restrictions

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Ferry Shipping News already published the Preliminary Results for Q1, a few weeks ago.

The definitive results are now available on the DFDS website.


EBITDA before special items for 2020 is likely to be reduced towards DKK 2bn. The outlook – that is significantly more uncertain than usual – builds on a number of assumptions of which key elements are freight volumes and the impact of travel restrictions on passenger route operations and volumes. The current suspension of passenger activity has a significant financial impact that may amount to up to around 60% of the potential decrease in EBITDA in 2020 compared to 2019.

Change of Governance and Shareholders at Blu Navy

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A small revolution took place at the helm of the small Italian ferry company Blu Navy, active on the maritime link between the port of Piombino and Elba.

Last week, during the Board meeting, Luigi Negri and his nephew Aldo resigned respectively from the roles of chairman and CEO. Their positions were taken by Vincenzo Gorgoglione and Gianluca Morace. The former is also the CEO of the Trapani-based Liberty Lines.

It has happened because the shareholders controlling collectively the 55% of the company (*), expressed the intention to change the governance in contrast with the minority shareholders linked to the Genoa-based businessmen Luigi Negri and Giulio Schenone (**).

Earlier this week also emerged that behind the 25% stake controlled by the trust company Monte Paschi Fiduciaria, there is the Messina-based Caronte&Tourist group which was already 50-50 shareholder in the Morace-headed Liberty Lines and in the Sicilian ferry company Siremar.

(*) 55% = 7.5% Associazione Albergatori Isola d’Elba, 7.5% Gianluca Morace, 15% Elbasol and 25% Monte Paschi Fiduciaria

(**) 45% in the hands of Finsea and Bolzaneto Container Terminal

NOK 700 million to Secure Fjord Line’s Near Future

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Almost 90 % of Fjord Line’s revenues disappeared when the borders were closed. After a record year with 1.5 million passengers Fjord Line had to ask the Norwegian State for help, to get over the pandemic.

The state’s cash support scheme, installment deferrals and powerful cost measures ensure that the company can continue its ambitions for the coming years.

Rickard Ternblom is grateful for the support of the authorities, the suppliers and the employees. How the most important season -summer- will look like is unclear. “Regardless, we will get through 2020 and be ready for a more normal year in 2021. We are now on a more secure ground,” says Ternblom.