March 19, 2020

Brittany Ferries has reshuffled its fleet and routes.

  • NORMANDIE (Portsmouth – Caen) will be taken out of service until 9 April at the earliest.
  • CONNEMARA (Portsmouth – Bilbao), MONT ST MICHEL (Portsmouth – Caen), CAP FINISTÈRE (UK – Spain) freight only.
  • Brittany Ferries will cease its weekly rotation connecting Roscoff in France with Rosslare in Ireland. KERRY will however continue two rotations per week, carrying freight between Rosslare and Bilbao.
  • ETRETAT (Portsmouth – Le Havre) has been taken out of service on 17 March. Laid up Le Havre.
  • Following her dry-dock in Poland, PONT-AVEN did not return to service as planned. She’s laid up in Le Havre until at least 9 April 2020.
  • Ro-Ro PELICAN, linking Bilbao with Poole will take only unaccompanied trailers.

Additional measures:

  • Passengers and freight drivers will be asked to remain in their cabins. Cabins will be open to all travellers.
  • Sales and catering facilities will be closed on board. Passenger movements will be restricted and meals will be taken in cabins. Customers will be informed by SMS that they will have to stay in their cabins and that the on-board shops will be closed.
  • Passengers will be asked to bring their own food and drink on board. This is to protect everyone on board – including Brittany Ferries crews who are working hard to maintain services for as long as possible.
  • All passengers are advised that they must travel only if it is essential to do so. Furthermore British passengers travelling to Spain are advised that they must take evidence of a permanent address in Spain, or they will be stopped after arrival by the authorities.

Brittany Ferries employs French crew. The company said it had to prepare for the non-availability of crew members because of illness or the need to take care of relatives at home.