August 9, 2019

Bad Start For Ro-Pax OLYMPUS Of Sea Speed Ferries

The Port Authority of Santorini decided to impose sanctions to the damaged ro-pax OLYMPUS of Sea Speed ​​Ferries.

These sanctions came as a result of the inspection carried out – on August 2, 2019 – which identified significant deficiencies in the area of ​​the SOLAS, LOAD LINES, MLC 2006, MARPOL & ISM CODE.

On the morning of 1 August, OLYMPUS hit the reef called Skala Panagias, which lies between Thirassia and Aspronisi, resulting in a few meters crack in her double bottom. On the same day, a floating barrier was installed around her, as well as two absorbent pads.

However, fuel contaminants and slag were found inside the dam, resulting in the installation of a second dam.

On 3 August, the tug CHRISTOS XXVIII of the Spanopoulos Group arrived in Santorini, in order to remove the vessel. But there are some temporary repairs in progress that have to be completed first. The ship is still moored on the spot.