July 23, 2020

The Report focuses on the Stakeholders’ main issues of interest as part of the Group’s long-term commitment to operate responsibly, with reference to 85 GRI (Global Reporting Initiatives) disclosures, 235 quantitative indicators, as well as to 38 future objectives.

Some examples:

  • Attica reduced its total energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Distributed over €470 million in economic value:
  • Conducted internal drills on Health and Safety issues
  • Used refrigerants that do not affect the ozone layer
  • Was subjected to 45 inspections from local authorities for food hygiene and safety, with no recorded non-compliance incidents.
  • Had no violation cases concerning main principles and rules of professional behavior, corruption incidents or bribery incidents related to its employees.

The 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report is available on the Group’s website, www.attica-group.com.