Rosslare Europort Welcomes DFDS New Route to Dunkirk

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As from 2 January 2021, DFDS join existing shipping operators Stena Line, Irish Ferries and Brittany Ferries at Rosslare Europort, with a new six-times weekly service direct to Dunkirk (see the extra news of last week 48)

Rosslare Europort has recently secured planning permission for a major transformation of Rosslare Europort, as part of its €30m Port Masterplan.

Further substantial investment will also take place both at the port and the surrounding area.

Mink Virus Forces Denmark to Shut Down Passenger Traffic to and from North Jutland

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On 9 November, the Danish authorities introduced restrictions in the Northern part of Jutland, to reduce the spreading and development of a mink virus variant.

It has been decided that all mink herds in Denmark must be slaughtered.

Stena Line has decided to temporarily stop the passenger operation between Frederikshavn and Gothenburg between 9 November and 3 December.

The freight operation on the route will continue to keep the vital supply lines open between Denmark and Sweden.

Passengers are during this period referred to the route between Halmstad and Grenaa, which are not affected by the new restrictions and will continue to operate with both passengers and freight.

Color Line operates its SUPERSPEED 1 and 2 in a freight-only mode.

Fjord Line does not take passengers on its already reduced number of crossings.

STENA FLAVIA Inaugurates Ports of Stockholm’s Norvik Port RoRo Terminal

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Stena Line’s STENA FLAVIA was the first to call at the roro terminal of Stockholm Norvik Port (in Nynäshamn).

The arrival coincided with the opening of the gates to the new roro terminal, offering substantially greater capacity and growth opportunities for multiple shipping companies.

The new ferry terminal is an important part of Stena Lines expansion plans in the Baltic Sea that includes the deployment of two new modern ferries and 30 % additional freight capacity on the Nynäshamn-Ventspils route in 2021 (the lengthened ferries).

Ferry Shipping

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Stena Line Continues the Baltic Reshuffle

Normally a press release contains all the answers. Not in the case of Stena Line’s latest, announcing the introduction of larger, faster ships on Germany – Latvia, without saying which ships.

An overview of changes on the Baltic Sea routes.

(all hyperlinks refer to each individual ship on the Stena Line fleet website)

Nynäshamn (Sweden) – Ventspils (Latvia)

Travemünde (Germany) – Liepaja (Latvia)

  • Currently: STENA GOTHICA and URD
  • Next year: two modern (unknown) ropax ferries.
  • 40% extra lane meter capacity
  • Shorter crossing time: 20 hours instead of 27
  • 12 weekly departures (6 in each direction)

Karlskrona (Sweden) – Gdynia (Poland)

  • 31 October 2020: STENA BALTICA charter ended, ship likely to be returned to Brittany Ferries as COTENTIN.
  • Replaced by STENA NORDICA
  • Other current ships on this route: STENA VISION, STENA SPIRIT


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Stena Line: Ropax Expansion on Nynäshamn – Ventspils

Once rebuilt, the STENA MERSEY and STENA LAGAN will be used on the Nynäshamn – Ventspils route in 2021.

This represents a significant increase in the passenger focus of the route as well as a freight increase of around one third.

  • STENA LAGAN is currently at the shipyard in Tuzla, Turkey.
  • STENA MERSEY is in the Irish Sea.


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Sunday 13 September. The meeting was the first between the two since STENA ESTRID left the shipyard in Weihai, China, last November. She is currently operating on the Belfast-Cairnryan route and STENA EDDA on the Belfast-Liverpool route.

In the beginning of 2021 their sister STENA EMBLA will join on the Liverpool route.

Stena Line Adds Seventh Ship to Belfast Operations

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Stena Line was forced to remove one freight ship from its Belfast hub because of COVID related drop in freight volumes.

Stena Line has now announced that it will charter SEATRUCK PANORAMA to help boost freight capacity on its Belfast to Liverpool and Belfast to Heysham routes.

Reason: increase in freight demand during summer and anticipated busy autumn.

SEATRUCK PANORAMA is expected to start service on September 2, and will make 10 sailings weekly between Belfast and Liverpool/Heysham.

The addition of Panorama on the Northern Ireland to England corridor will increase freight capacity by 28% and frequency will rise from 46 to 56 crossings weekly compared to the present

In January 2021, Stena Line will further boost freight capacity when it adds the newly built STENA EMBLA to its Belfast – Liverpool service.

Construction Of Stena Line’s Two New Larger E-Flexer Ferries Has Begun

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The vessels, that are planned to be delivered in 2022, are the last of five vessels of the E-Flexer series that Stena Line ordered from sister company Stena RoRo, that are being built at the CMI Jinling Weihai Shipyard in China.

Of the first three vessels, the first two, STENA ESTRID and STENA EDDA, have already entered service on the Irish Sea earlier this year. The third vessel, STENA EMBLA, is in the final stages of construction and is expected to go in to service on the Belfast-Liverpool route according to plan in early 2021.

The two larger E-Flexer vessels will be 240m long with a capacity of 3,600 lane meters, compared to the first three which are 214m and have a capacity of 3,100 lane meters. In total, the larger vessels also get 50 % more cabins and beds, 30 % increased passenger capacity and an additional 15% cargo capacity.

In addition to the five new builds another two existing vessels in the fleet, STENA LAGAN and STENA MERSEY, will be extended by 36 metres and modified with efficient drive-through capabilities for loading and unloading in two levels. In total the modifications will increase the cargo capacity by 30% and add on a total of 75 cabins. The two vessels are expected to be back in traffic in Stena Line’s network in 2021.

Stena Line Announces New Measures To Ensure Safe Ferry Travel This Summer

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With the potential easing of lockdown restrictions and the re-emergence of non-essential travel, the Swedish ferry company Stena Line has announced a set of safety measures aimed at ensuring ferry travel is the safest form of public transport. Social distancing, fog machines, fresh sea air inside the ships and the recommended wearing of face coverings, are all seen as key to reassuring customers about the future of ferry travel as countries reopen their borders in the coming weeks.


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Stena Line Adds Ships Again On North Sea Routes

Due to a steady recovery in freight volumes on the North Sea during the last weeks, roro ships HATCHE and STENA FORERUNNER will return to commercial service on the Stena Line freight routes Europoort – Killingholme and Europoort – Harwich, respectively.

As of 15 June 2020, Stena Line will be back to having 8 ships operating on its 4 routes on the North Sea.