Stena Line to add RoPax on Ireland-France service

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  • Stena Line will introduce a second ropax on its Rosslare – Cherbourg service, currently served by STENA HORIZON.
  • STENA VISION will increase frequency on the route to 6 departure days a week, starting June 2023.
  • 1,300 passengers and 485 passenger cabins (including) 42 pet cabins.
  • STENA VISION will also increase driver accompanied capacity with more cabin space for freight drivers.
  • STENA VISION will come fresh from the Baltic Sea, where it has been operating on the busy Swedish/Polish Karlskrona to Gdynia route. It will be replaced by the Stena Line’s new larger E-Flexer STENA EBBA early next year.
  • Stena Line currently charters SEATRUCK PANORAMA as freight-only vessel on the same route.

Stena Line and Anglesey County Council announce bid to bring Freeport to North Wales

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Stena Line and Anglesey County Council have announced their intention to submit a major freeport bid.

Stena Line is pledging a major foreign investment in Holyhead Port, which is the second largest roro port in the country and an international gateway to Ireland, via the Irish Sea and an integral part of the “land bridge” between Britain and the EU.

If successful, the bid is predicted to return Holyhead to pre-Brexit levels of trade and cement the area as a hub for innovation in trade and clean energy, with industry-leading initiatives along its coastline driving the UK towards its net zero objectives.

The formal bid will be submitted next week to the UK and Welsh Governments.

Stena Line reports 11% reduction of carbon emissions

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Stena Line has decreased the carbon emissions by 11% per tonne of cargo carried over each nautical mile, as well as achieving a reduction of 4% total ship emissions compared to pre-Covid operations. The main contributor to the result is the significantly higher utilisation and thus efficiency of the company´s fleet with cargo during the latest years. In its roadmap to a net-zero future, Stena Line has set up a target to reduce total CO2 emissions from its vessels by 30% by 2030.

During port operations and lay times, Stena Line now uses 100% renewable electricity. The energy is used for shore power at 20% of Stena Line´s terminals while berthing, to load battery packages on-board and for electric vehicles onshore that are used during port operations. Furthermore, initiatives like prior access to e-trucks to Stena Line´s ferries and pilot projects to use recycled methanol from the steel industry as shipping fuel lay the foundation for further step-wise greening of the operations of Stena Line.

Stena Line´s sustainability efforts are based on six dedicated Sustainable Development goals of the UN: Affordable and clean energy, responsible consumption and production, life below water, gender equality, reduced inequalities, good health and well-being. 

Further highlights in Stena Line´s sustainability efforts during 2021 include:

  • A recycling rate of 42% of waste and a fallback of landfill waste to 2019 levels (24%), before plastic use increased for safety purposes
  • 50% female representation in Stena Line’s Group Management Team
  • Appointing the first female captain in Lynette Bryson, serving on Stena Aventurer on the key route Dublin-Holyhead
  • Recruiting the first Diversity and Inclusion Lead in Salem Yohannes, helping Stena Line to speed up the journey to equality and launch of a diversity and inclusion campaign
  • Introducing Maria Tornvall as new Head of Sustainability, committed to aligning Stena Line´s sustainable actions towards the ambitious targets
  • Improving employee indicators such as engagement, team efficiency, leadership, organisation and social work environment above benchmark and achievement of a positive net promoter score of 9 – meaning  employees would recommend Stena Line as an attractive workplace.
  • Reduction of sick leave average from 5,2% to 4,2%

Stena Line secures Grenaa till 2034

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Stena Line has signed a long-term agreement with the Port of Grenaa, Denmark to secure a stable ferry connection to Halmstad, Sweden until 2034.

“The Halmstad-Grenå route is of utmost importance for Stena Line’s position between Denmark and Sweden – this deal means that we can offer both freight customers and passengers a stable and efficient transport across Kattegatt, and it will allow us to continue our growth in the region”, says Christina Bromander, newly appointed Trade Director Denmark at Stena Line.

Welcome STENA EBBA, the newest addition to Stena Line´s Baltic Sea E-Flexers

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Stena Line introduces the second of the two large E-Flexer class vessels to be deployed on the route Karlskrona-Gdynia: In December 2022, the brand new STENA EBBA will join her sister STENA ESTELLE, which will connect Southern Sweden and Poland from August onwards.

The twin ferries are the two largest of the E-Flexer class of Stena Line and have an increased capacity of 50% more cabins, 30% more passengers and 15% more cargo vs existing E-Flexer vessels.

Stena RoRo delivers extended E-Flexer RoPax to Stena Line

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On May 24, Stena RoRo delivered the first of two extended E-Flexer ferries to Stena Line. She is the STENA ESTELLE and will operate on the Karlskrona – Gdynia line.

In total, Stena Line will be operating five E-Flexer vessels, with two of them being the extended version. The fourth in the order has now been delivered.

Compared to the basic design, the ferry has been extended by 36 meters. With the extension, the ferry is 240 meters long and has an increased capacity of 50% more cabins, 30% more passengers and 15% more cargo. Loading and unloading are streamlined with a drive-through configuration for both car decks.

Stena Line to operate the long E-Flexers on Karlskrona-Gdnyia

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As a response to increased customer demand in the Baltic Sea South region, Stena Line will launch its two new “long” E-Flexer ferries on the route between Karlskrona and Gdynia.

  • First in July 2022, second in November 2022
  • Both were originally planned to be deployed on the route between Nynäshamn (Sweden) and Ventspils (Latvia)
  • Length: 240 meters
  • Capacity: 1,200 passengers and 3,600 freight lane meters

The recently lengthened and modernised STENA SCANDIA and STENA BALTICA will continue to serve the route between Nynäshamn and Ventspils.

Current ships on Karlskrona-Gdynia: STENA GOTHICA, -VINGA, -VISION, -SPIRIT,

Click on the map to access the real-time route map

Stena Line and the Gothenburg Port Authority move forward in Stena Line terminal relocation discussions

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Stena Line and the Gothenburg Port Authority will work together to enable the relocation of Stena Line’s terminals and operations from central Gothenburg to Arendal from 2027. A new ferry location will promote Stena Line’s conditions for growth and implement future initiatives to meet its goal of completely fossil-free operations in 2050. At the same time, it provides opportunities to move heavy traffic out of the city centre and benefits the City of Gothenburg’s city development plans.