Stena Line Renews Contract for SaaS Terminal Operating System Surikat

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Stena Line has renewed a 5-year contract with Surikat, suppliers of a Terminal Operating System for roro, lolo, rail, intermodal and passenger vehicles. The strategic partnership enables Stena Line to enhance their terminal operations and improve the customer experience across Europe.

Surikat and Stena Line signed their first contract in 2016, with the initial task to simplify and digitalize the damage checks and claims handling processes across their European network. From small beginnings, the product range grew until Surikat was supplying Stena Line with a fully comprehensive portfolio of tools to aid the running of operations across their 20+ terminals in Europe.

Stena Line’s STENA SCANDICA Completes its Maiden Voyage

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  • Stena Line is deploying two renewed and lengthened ropax ferries on the route between Ventspils in Latvia and Nynäshamn in Sweden this year.
  • The first of the two vessels, STENA SCANDICA, arrived in the port of Nynäshamn on 27 July, when it completed its overnight maiden voyage from Ventspils.
  • The vessel adds another 70% more cabins and 30% more freight capacity compared to the existing vessels.
  • Stena has doubled operations from one vessel and 10 departures per week in 2012 up to two vessels and 24 departures per week for passengers and freight in 2021.
  • Ambition to double the number of passengers on the Baltic Sea route in 3 year
  • Former route vessels STENA LIVIA and STENA FLAVIA will be redeployed on the route Liepāja – Travemünde (when STENA BALTICA is back from the yard in Turkey)

Stena Line Takes Delivery of Lengthened STENA SCANDICA

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Stena Line has officially taken delivery of its RoPax STENA SCANDICA, on Friday 18th June. The vessel is the first of two Visentini vessels that are being lengthened and modernised at Sedef Shipbuilding in Turkey.

STENA SCANDICA will start operating on Nynäshamn-Ventspils, beginning of July. [Stena Line Route Map]

CEO Niclas Mårtensson

“Taking delivery of the large, modern and efficient vessel Stena Scandica is a major milestone for Stena Line and enables us to continue to grow together with our customers in the Baltic Sea. During the year we will increase capacity with 30 % on the Nynäshamn-Ventspils route, and 40 % on the Liepaja-Travemünde route”.

(CEO Niclas Mårtensson)

Some highlights:

  • Lengthened with a 36 metre mid-section
  • After the conversion 222m, 970 passengers, 202 cabins and 2,875 freight lane meters.
  • To increase the loading efficiency, the vessels are modified with drive through capabilities on two levels.
  • The vessels are fitted with several sustainable features and fuel efficiency improvements, such as hybrid scrubbers, ballast water cleaning systems, twisted leading edge rudder with costa bulb.

Baltic Sea expansion: Adding 40 % capacity on Travemünde-Liepaja in 2021

As part of the ongoing expansion in the Baltic Sea, Stena Line will relocate the two vessels currently sailing on Nynäshamn-Ventspils, STENA LIVIA and STENA FLAVIA, to the route Liepaja – Travemünde. The vessels will increase the freight capacity on the route by 40 % and shorten the crossing time from 27 to 20 hours. This will enable a reliable transport service with a fixed timetable with 12 weekly departures, six in each direction.

Stena Line Adds New Temporary Ferry Service between Holyhead and Belfast

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Stena Line will be operating a new temporary weekend service between Holyhead and Belfast, 25 June – 18 July.

STENA ESTRID will provide the service which will accommodate a mix of freight and leisure traffic, with a crossing time of 8 hours.

Stena Line is currently experiencing very high demand on its Belfast routes to Cairnryan and Liverpool so the addition of the temporary service will provide much needed additional capacity to and from Northern Ireland.

Furthermore, with present travel restrictions between Britain and Ireland in place, this new route will provide an additional travel option for people who might be considering ferry travel for the first time or who wish to visit Britain, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Stena Line Will Move Its Europoort-Killingholme Service To Immingham

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Stena Line needs more terminal capacity in Killingholme because of increased market demand of unaccompanied freight on Europoort RoRo service. However, Killingholme cannot cater.

As a result, Stena Line will move its Europoort RoRo service to the nearby Port of Immingham commencing January 1, 2022.

Stena Line’s other North Sea route on the Humber, the Hoek van Holland-Killingholme RoPax service, will remain and continue in Killingholme.

Current RoRo Vessels on Europoort-Killingholme: POL MARIS and HATCHE.

Foot Passengers Welcome Again on Halmstad-Grenå

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Stena Line has now decided to reopen for foot passengers on the line between Halmstad and Grenå, starting in early June.

  • For day trips without landing in Denmark, a negative COVID-19 test is not required.
  • To disemark in Denmark, a maximum 72h old negative PCR test is required.
  • An alternative is a certificate of two doses of vaccine and that 14 days have passed since the last injection.

Duty Free’ Boosts Stena Line’s Shop Sales By Over 80%

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  • Stena Line’s revenue from its onboard shops for Q1 has shown a large increase on its routes between the UK and the EU compared to the same period last year.
  • The growth is due to ‘Duty Free’ sales. Following Brexit, ‘Duty Free’ sales are permitted onboard ferry routes between the UK and the EU.
  • Highest increase on Irish Sea routes.
  • Sales of alcoholic drinks highest with popular brands leading the way.

Stena Line Plans To Launch Fossil-Free Ships Before 2030

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Stena Line plans to start operating two fossil-free battery powered vessels on the 50-nautical-mile route between Gothenburg and Frederikshavn no later than 2030.

  • Plan is to order first vessel latest in 2025
  • STENA ELEKTRA will be the world’s first fossil-free ferry of its size
  • 200m, 1000 passengers, 3,000 lane metres freight capacity
  • Will run on battery power for approximately 50 nautical miles, the distance between Gothenburg and Frederikshavn
  • The battery capacity will need to be approximately 60-70 MWh and the vessel will be charged in port
  • Stena Line also looking into combining the electrification with other alternative fossil free fuels such as fuel cells, hydrogen and bio methanol for longer reach of the vessels

Stena Line Secures Terminal in Ventspils for 20 Years

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Stena Line and Noord Natie Ventspils Terminals (NNVT) have signed a 20-year contract securing the continuous ferry operation from the Freeport of Ventspils in Latvia.

This long-term agreement is an important part of Stena Lines expansion in the Baltic Sea and the route between Ventspils and Nynäshamn in Sweden.

During 2021 two large modern RoPax vessels will start operating on the route increasing the freight capacity with 30 %. (STENA SCANDICA & STENA BALTICA = lengthened STENA LAGAN & STENA MERSEY)


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Soon GNV SEALAND will be a new addition to the fleet of Grandi Navi Veloci.

SCOTTISH VIKING, currently operating in the Baltic for Stena Line, is a 2009-Visentini-built ropax with a capacity of 2,255 lane metres and 195 cars.

First the ship will help to replace the vessels that are getting their scrubbers.

In the following months, GNV SEALAND will strengthen the offer and support the further expansion of the connections.

This already started in Q4, 2020, with the charter of FORZA and TENACIA, supporting the lines to and from Sicily.

GNV will also introduce its 2,564 lane metre newbuilding in the spring. (built at Visentini)

GNV also announced that starting from June 2021 the new seasonal line with Sardinia will be operational between Civitavecchia and Olbia – with 5 departures a week from both ports – in addition to the historic summer lines Genoa-Porto Torres and Genoa-Olbia.

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