Stena Line to increase cargo capacity by 30% on Stena Forerunner and Stena Foreteller

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Stena RoRo has signed a conversion contract with China Merchants Jinling (Weihai) Shipyard for the installation of an additional cargo deck, increased thruster capacity and preparations for shore power onboard Stena Foreteller and Stena Forerunner.

The cargo capacity will increase by 30% and the vessels will after conversion be ready to meet future efficiency requirements.

The conversion for both vessels will be finalised during 2025.

Stena Line adds Bore Song on Dublin – Liverpool

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Stena Line has introduced a larger RoRo ship, Bore Song, on the Dublin – Liverpool (Birkenhead) route. The freight only vessel will increase capacity on the route by 30%.

Stena Line’s Dublin-Liverpool dedicated freight service has been operational since 15th February 2024 with cover ships serving customers temporarily whilst the company searched for a longer-term solution.

Bore Song entered service on the route Sunday 14 April on the 18:00 sailing from 12 Quays in Birkenhead.  With capacity for almost 3,000 lane metres of freight, the ship provides significantly more space and is well suited for the demand for unaccompanied freight on this route.

With the addition of the new vessel to the Irish Sea fleet, Stena Line will now restore capacity on the Rosslare – Fishguard and Rosslare – Cherbourg routes.

Stena Line launches newly refurbished ships on North Sea corridor

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Stena Line has revamped its vessels, Stena Britannica and Stena Hollandica, on the North Sea route, completing each refurbishment in just 18 days. With a focus on passenger comfort and environmental sustainability, the ships now boast increased seating capacity, new dining and lounge options, and upgraded Wi-Fi. Notably, the hulls were coated with specialized paint, leading to significant fuel savings of approximately 780,000 liters annually per ship and a reduction of about 2,500 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. These upgrades align with Stena Line’s goal to lower CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030.

Source: Stena Line

Group photo: Erik Thulin, Trade Director, Stena Line; Peter Jacobs, Superintendent, Stena Line; Joyce de Bruin, Onboard Commercial Manager, Stena Line; Daniël de Wildt, Chef, Stena Line; Jeffrey van der Zee, Chef, Stena Line; Steven Fearon, Managing Director, Madden Marine; and Alan Robertson, Master, Stena Britannica.

Photographer: Rob van der Voort

Stena Line officially commenced Dublin-Liverpool freight route

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Stena Line has commenced its new Dublin – Liverpool (Birkenhead) freight service on 15 February 2024. The addition of the new route is expected to further boost the company’s freight volumes following a record year on its Irish Sea services in 2023.

The addition of the new service will be Stena Line’s seventh route in the Irish Sea region complementing its Belfast – Cairnryan, Belfast – Heysham, Belfast – Liverpool, Dublin – Holyhead, Rosslare – Fishguard and Rosslare – Cherbourg services.

With RoPax STENA HORIZON temporarily operating on the new Dublin- Liverpool route, the company is currently assessing ship deployment options for a permanent freight-only RoRo vessel.

Stena Line breaks record at Belfast

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Stena Line has achieved a record year for freight volumes at Belfast with approximately 587,000 units being transported in 2023.

Meanwhile, Belfast Harbour has unveiled a specially commissioned portrait of Stena Line owner and Chairman, Dan Sten Olsson, at their Harbour Office in Corporation Square.  The portrait celebrates the significant contribution that the Swedish ferry operator has made to the Port and Region over the last three decades.

Stena Line has seven ships operating from Belfast, serving the ports of Cairnryan, Belfast and Heysham.

Photo: Stena Line

Stena Line has signed another important deal with Peel Ports Group

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Stena Line has signed a significant deal with Peel Ports Group to operate from Heysham Port for the next 77-years until 2100.

Stena runs a twice daily freight service Belfast-Heysham.

The news comes on the back of Stena Line’s announcement last week of a new freight service between Dublin and Peel Ports’ 12 Quays Terminal in Birkenhead (Liverpool). Earlier this year, Stena Line and Peel Ports signed a similar agreement for the 12 Quays Terminal to operate from the Port until the end of the century.

Two ‘NewMax’ ferries will be built for Belfast-Heysham. They will boost freight capacity by 80%.

Peel Ports, working collaboratively with Stena Line, plans to invest in new terminal management and a ‘smart gate’ automatic check-in system to improve customer experience at the port, and will increase the parking for trailers to accommodate the additional capacity of the new vessels.

Photo: Carl-Johan Hellner Chief Operating Officer Ports Terminals Stena Line and David Huck Chief Operating Officer at Peel Ports Group.

Stena Line discontinues route between Nynäshamn and Hanko

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  • Stena Line announced the discontinuation of its route between Nynäshamn in Sweden and Hanko in Finland.
  • The route will operate until 20 October.
  • Both vessels (URD and STENA GOTHICA) will be redeployed in the charter market or within the Stena Line fleet.
  • The route started beginning 2022. See our news archive.

Main reasons:

  • Failing demand from freight customers due to the development of the current geopolitical situation.
  • Uneven competition: “The Finnish government’s decision to grant an exemption (*) from the European Union Emissions Trading System from 1 January 2024 for vessels trading via Åland will also create an uneven commercial landscape with a clear advantage for trade via Åland.”

More information about ETS:

(*) Special rules for ships that connect EU Member States’ small islands with the mainland

Until 31 December 2030, shipping companies must not surrender allowances for emissions released by passenger ships, other than cruise passenger ships, and by ferries (ro-pax ships), between a port of an island under the jurisdiction of an EU Member State, with no road or rail link with the mainland, and a port under the jurisdiction of that same EU Member State. This derogation can only apply, upon request of each EU Member State, to islands with a population of fewer than 200 000 permanent residents. The list of ports will be published by the end of 2023.

Source about: Specific rules and derogations

Source Maritime ETS: Extension of the EU Emissions Trading System to maritime transport

Stena Line: 29% more bookings between Sweden and Denmark

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Stena Line has previously reported a substantial increase in Danes booking travel to Sweden as a result of the weak Swedish krona.

Recent figures show that it is not only Danes who book their summer holidays with Stena Line. Now the ferry company is also experiencing an increase in bookings made by Swedes on the Gothenburg-Fredrikshamn route. Bookings have increased by 29% compared to the same period last year and many of the summer’s departures are now fully booked – something not seen since 2019.

More methanol for Stena Line

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Stena Line is taking the next step in its shift to sustainable fuels by converting some of its ferries to methanol with planned launch in 2025.

“We see methanol as a strong alternative fuel that will help us delivering on our strategy to decarbonise all our operations and contributing to future green corridors where we operate. The positive experience we have from running the Stena Germanica on methanol will be valuable when taking the next stop on this journey”, says Ian Hampton, Stena Line.

The conversions will be carried out by technology group Wärtsilä and will include modifications and installations of a number of modules including fuel supply systems and engine controls. Stena Line will announce the affected vessels and routes at a later stage.