Interview with Niclas Mårtensson, CEO of Stena Line, in RoPax 13 (May 2024):

June 28, 2024
  • Performance in 2023:
    • Stena Line had a decent year in terms of volume and customer satisfaction.
    • The company faced high costs due to increased salaries, spare parts, and interest rates.
    • Brexit did not negatively impact traffic between Ireland and the UK, which remains stable and growing.
  • Market Challenges:
    • The Baltic Sea region was significantly impacted by the Ukraine war and higher interest rates, affecting macroeconomic activities.
    • Competition is intense, with other operators reducing prices.
  • Expansion and Investment:
    • Stena Line expanded in the Mediterranean by acquiring a 49% stake in African Morocco Link (AML).
    • New logistics hubs were established in Liverpool and Dublin, enhancing operations between Ireland and the UK.
    • The company is also developing a new port in Immingham, transitioning some services from Killingholme.
  • Sustainability Efforts:
    • Stena Line continues to explore green fuel options, including methanol and hybrid solutions combining biodiesel and batteries.
    • The “Stena Electra” project remains of interest, but its future depends on infrastructure investments in electricity.
  • New Ventures:
    • Stena Line sees potential in the Morocco-Spain route, emphasizing the strategic importance of Morocco’s infrastructure investments and its role in connecting Europe and Africa.
  • Future Outlook:
    • Despite market fluctuations, Stena Line is focused on infrastructure investments rather than acquiring customers.
    • The company remains adaptable in its approach to fuel and propulsion systems, seeking to balance sustainability with economic feasibility.

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