Stena Line launches newly refurbished ships on North Sea corridor

March 15, 2024

Stena Line has revamped its vessels, Stena Britannica and Stena Hollandica, on the North Sea route, completing each refurbishment in just 18 days. With a focus on passenger comfort and environmental sustainability, the ships now boast increased seating capacity, new dining and lounge options, and upgraded Wi-Fi. Notably, the hulls were coated with specialized paint, leading to significant fuel savings of approximately 780,000 liters annually per ship and a reduction of about 2,500 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. These upgrades align with Stena Line’s goal to lower CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030.

Source: Stena Line

Group photo: Erik Thulin, Trade Director, Stena Line; Peter Jacobs, Superintendent, Stena Line; Joyce de Bruin, Onboard Commercial Manager, Stena Line; Daniël de Wildt, Chef, Stena Line; Jeffrey van der Zee, Chef, Stena Line; Steven Fearon, Managing Director, Madden Marine; and Alan Robertson, Master, Stena Britannica.

Photographer: Rob van der Voort