Stena Line discontinues route between Nynäshamn and Hanko

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  • Stena Line announced the discontinuation of its route between Nynäshamn in Sweden and Hanko in Finland.
  • The route will operate until 20 October.
  • Both vessels (URD and STENA GOTHICA) will be redeployed in the charter market or within the Stena Line fleet.
  • The route started beginning 2022. See our news archive.

Main reasons:

  • Failing demand from freight customers due to the development of the current geopolitical situation.
  • Uneven competition: “The Finnish government’s decision to grant an exemption (*) from the European Union Emissions Trading System from 1 January 2024 for vessels trading via Åland will also create an uneven commercial landscape with a clear advantage for trade via Åland.”

More information about ETS:

(*) Special rules for ships that connect EU Member States’ small islands with the mainland

Until 31 December 2030, shipping companies must not surrender allowances for emissions released by passenger ships, other than cruise passenger ships, and by ferries (ro-pax ships), between a port of an island under the jurisdiction of an EU Member State, with no road or rail link with the mainland, and a port under the jurisdiction of that same EU Member State. This derogation can only apply, upon request of each EU Member State, to islands with a population of fewer than 200 000 permanent residents. The list of ports will be published by the end of 2023.

Source about: Specific rules and derogations

Source Maritime ETS: Extension of the EU Emissions Trading System to maritime transport

Sicilian Region finally orders the long-awaited ferry

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A new ferry, fully owned by the Sicilian Region and entirely “made in Sicily” will provide service to Lampedusa and Pantelleria.

  • The new vessel will be built entirely in the Fincantieri Palermo shipyard.
  • The delivery of the vessel is scheduled for 2026.
  • It will operate on routes between Sicily and the islands of Lampedusa and Pantelleria.
  • LOA
  • GT 14,500.
  • 19 knots.
  • 1,000 people – 200 cars.
  • Dual fuel engines, MDO –
  • A photovoltaic system, along with energy storage in a battery pack, will allow the vessel to remain in port with zero emissions for approximately four hours.

DFDS September Volumes: Freight 2% Lower, Passengers 9% Higher

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Ferry – freight:

  • Total volumes in September 2023 were 1.9% below 2022.
  • North Sea volumes were slightly below 2022 as firm automotive volumes were offset by mainly lower volumes between Sweden and the UK.
  • Mediterranean’s growth trend improved in September as volumes were back on level with 2022.
  • Channel volumes were also on level with 2022.
  • Baltic Sea volumes were below 2022 due to lower demand from both the continuing impact of the war in Ukraine and a decline in the transport of construction materials.
  • For the last twelve months 2023-22, the total transported freight lane metres decreased 10.5% to 38.6m from 43.1m in 2022-21. The decrease was 4.4% adjusted for Channel.

Ferry – passenger:

  • The number of passengers increased 9.4% driven by primarily more Channel passengers.
  • The number of cars increased 0.6%.
  • The total number of passengers increased 37% to 4.5m for the last twelve months, 2023-22, from 3.2m in 2022-21.

Moby announced two new routes between mainland Italy and Corsica (and Sardinia)

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1) Genoa – Ajaccio (Corsica) – Porto Torres (Northwestern point of Sardinia)

The extension of the line to Porto Torres will further increase interchange between Sardinia and Corsica, both from a tourist and a commercial point of view. This bridge between Corsica and Sardinia will be added to the connection that Moby already ensures all year round with the Bonifacio – Santa Teresa di Gallura.

2) Piombino – Bastia: fastest of all the mainland lines to Corsica.

New for this route will be the livery of the ships that will serve the island, with the Moor’s head symbol of the French island and other typical Corsican elements.

Moby selects Kongsberg Maritime for emission-saving propulsion upgrade on five ferries

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Kongsberg Maritime will provide upgrades to Moby passenger ferries’ propulsion systems that are expected to reduce carbon emissions by more than 30,000 tonnes per year

MOBY VINCI, SHARDEN, and MOBY AKI, will all receive a Promas Lite propulsion system, which combines rudder and propeller into one propulsion unit.

MOBY WONDER and MOBY TOMMY will receive re-bladed controllable pitch Kongsberg Kamewa propellers as part of their upgrade.

Helsinki and Tallinn ports, cities and ferry companies to accelerate zero emissions

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  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a Green Corridor has been signed to promote a climate-neutral customer journey and a maritime green corridor between Helsinki – Tallinn and Vuosaari – Muuga connections across the Gulf of Finland.
  • The Green Corridor encompasses a shipping route and various projects both at sea and inshore operations in Helsinki and Tallinn, all with the goal of reducing emissions and adopting zero or near-zero emission solutions. The intention is to meet emission reduction targets sooner than previously publicly committed.
  • The signatory parties to the MoU include the cities and ports of Helsinki and Tallinn, Rederi AB Eckerö, Tallink Grupp, Viking Line, the Ministry of Climate of Estonia, and receive strong support from the Ministry of Transport and Communications in Finland.
  • The primary objective of the Green Corridor is to expedite the transition towards a climate-neutral and sustainable customer journey for passengers and cargo on sea routes between Helsinki-Tallinn and Muuga-Vuosaari. This initiative involves collaborative roadmaps for shipping companies, cities, ports, and other partners to assist them in achieving their zero-emission goals. Each roadmap will have specific milestones, taking into account priorities and potential funding sources.

Source: Port of Helsinki


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BC Ferries scales down electrification ambitions for its Island Class fleet due to funding challenges, writes the National Observer. Initial plans to convert all six Island Class ferries to 100% battery-electric operations by 2025 are on hold.

The focus is now on electrifying four vessels serving specific routes, pending approval from the BC Ferry Commissioner.