Helsinki and Tallinn ports, cities and ferry companies to accelerate zero emissions

By 13 October 20232023 Newsletter week 41
October 13, 2023
  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a Green Corridor has been signed to promote a climate-neutral customer journey and a maritime green corridor between Helsinki – Tallinn and Vuosaari – Muuga connections across the Gulf of Finland.
  • The Green Corridor encompasses a shipping route and various projects both at sea and inshore operations in Helsinki and Tallinn, all with the goal of reducing emissions and adopting zero or near-zero emission solutions. The intention is to meet emission reduction targets sooner than previously publicly committed.
  • The signatory parties to the MoU include the cities and ports of Helsinki and Tallinn, Rederi AB Eckerö, Tallink Grupp, Viking Line, the Ministry of Climate of Estonia, and receive strong support from the Ministry of Transport and Communications in Finland.
  • The primary objective of the Green Corridor is to expedite the transition towards a climate-neutral and sustainable customer journey for passengers and cargo on sea routes between Helsinki-Tallinn and Muuga-Vuosaari. This initiative involves collaborative roadmaps for shipping companies, cities, ports, and other partners to assist them in achieving their zero-emission goals. Each roadmap will have specific milestones, taking into account priorities and potential funding sources.

Source: Port of Helsinki