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AS Tallink Grupp Unaudited Consolidated Interim Report 2019

Key figures 2019

  • +0,06% passengers (record number 9,763,210 which is 6,599 more)
  • -1.4% cargo units
  • Revenue €949.1 million ( in 2018 it was €949.7 million)
  • EBITDA €171.1 million (142.8 million)
  • Net profit €49.7 million (€40.0 million)

In the 2019 financial year, the Group’s revenue and operating result were impacted by the following operational factors:

  • The number of passengers travelling on the Group’s ships increased in almost all geographical segments (Estonia-Finland, Finland-Sweden and Latvia-Sweden).
  • Planned dockings of seven ships. Among other ships, the maintenance and repair of cruise ferry BALTIC QUEEN lasted for 42 days, which affected the Estonia-Sweden segment’s Q1 volumes and financial result.
  • The competition on the maritime traffic between Estonia and Finland puts pressure on ticket and cargo prices.
  • Lowered alcohol excise tax in Estonia effective from 01 July 2019.
  • Lower bunkering prices from lower global prices and fuel price agreements.
  • Tight cost control, investments to vessels’ energy efficiency and automation projects.

Stability for Wasaline in Spite of Challenging Year

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Challenges in 2019:

  • Ropax WASA EXPRESS was away for a three-week maintenance visit at the shipyard, in January
  • The Finnish Seafarer ‘s Union’s support strike in November affected operations: 8 departures were cancelled and 4 departures were without cargo.

Positive in 2019:

  • The average price of fuel decreased by 2.5% during the financial year. Due to this combined with the investments for energy savings, the fuel cost has decreased by 8.4%. The total fuel savings was 9.6%.
  • The ice winter was mild.

Key figures for 2019:

Status quo revenue €19.6 million.

Passenger traffic sales increased by 6.3% and cargo sales decreased by 6.2%.

  • -2.8% Departures 826
  • -3.5% Passengers 204,704
  • -1.4% Cars 46,312
  • -4.3% Cargo units 15,913