Port of Rostock confirms the record result of the previous half year

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The volume of goods in the entire Rostock port area remained at the record level of 15.2 million tons of previous half year.

The number of ferry passengers reached 953,000 and is back to the pre-corona level.

The Rostock overseas port recorded 2,921 calls (2021: 2,801) by ferries and roro ships.

+7% accompanied trucks (218,000) were transported on the four ferry and three roro connections to and from Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

+6% unaccompanied units also increased: 88,250 trailers.

Investments in infrastructure

  • The replacement construction of the two oldest berths in Rostock overseas port, 31 and 32, was officially started in April 2022.
  • New construction of the east-west road
  • New construction of the A 19 federal autobahn junction
  • Production plant for hydrogen will be built in Rostock overseas port by 2026


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Visit to Baltic Ferry Port Rostock.

The other week we visited the important and busy ferry port of Rostock.  Three major ferry operators are using the port: Stena Line, Scandlines and TT Line, but also the roro operators Finnlines and Transfennica. Together they perform more than 6,000 calls per year.

In an interview, the port director Dr. Gernot Tesch (photo), is explaining the present and future.

Positive Development in the Port of Rostock

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  • In 2019, a total of 25.7 million tons of goods were handled in the Rostock overseas port. This corresponds to a slight increase of 100,000 tons.
  • There was a slight decline in the ferry and ro-ro traffic. This was compensated by good results in other areas.
  • Overall, the roro volume decreased -4%. The share of rolling cargo in the total throughput was 63 percent.
  • The number of roro freight units decreased with 6.5%
  • In contrast, the number of handled trailers increased with 0.9%
  • The number of cars and RVs transported increased by 3%
  • With the number of 2.5 million ferry passengers carried on the routes to Northern Europe, the previous year’s result was roughly achieved.
  • The number of railway wagons to and from Trelleborg increased sharply, +18% (18,388). Around a fifth of all goods handled in the port are brought in and out by train.
  • -18% paper and cellulose

Ro-Ro Rocks in Rostock

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Port of Rostock started the construction of two new ro-ro ramps, at the Querkai in Überseehafen.

In order to be able to handle ferries with a length of up to 250m, the quay between berths 41 and 51 will be equipped with two ro-ro ramps.

Prior to this, works started on Berth n° 50 in January 2019.

Photo: State Infrastructure Minister Christian Pegel, 1st Deputy Mayor of Rostock, Dr. Ing. Chris Müller-von Wrycz Rekowski, Rostock Port Managing Director Jens A. Scharner and Dr. Ing. Gernot Tesch.


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Rostock Will Have An LNG Terminal

Port of Rostock announced the signing of a lease agreement with a Belgian-Russian joint venture, for a mid-scale LNG terminal. This milestone brings the LNG project in Rostock one step closer to the anticipated start in the next decade.

The joint venture (Fluxys 51% – Novatek 49%) intends to build and operate a terminal for receiving and unloading mid-scale LNG carriers, keeping LNG in storage and providing services to enable downstream distribution of LNG (bunkering).

Port Of Rostock: Strong Development In Ferry Traffic In First Half Of The Year

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Ferry and ro-ro are the best performing segments in the Port of Rostock.

  • Rostock’s half-year results show a drop in the amount of handled cargo (from 13 million tonnes to 12,2 million). In contrast, ro-ro cargo saw a 7% increase compared to the first half of 2017 (8.7 million tonnes).
  • The ferry and ro-ro goods accounted for 67% of overall handling. This strong growth was not enough to fully compensate for the losses in high-tonnage areas such as grain, coal and cement.
  • The number of ferry passengers carried to and from Northern Europe increased by 50,000, to 1.05 million.
  • Rostock overseas port recorded 2,905 calls by ferries or ro-ro vessels, on a total of 3,650 ship calls.
  • Accompanied trucks increased by 9% (210,098 in total)
  • Unaccompanied trucks decreased (-1%)