Port of Rostock confirms the record result of the previous half year

July 14, 2022

The volume of goods in the entire Rostock port area remained at the record level of 15.2 million tons of previous half year.

The number of ferry passengers reached 953,000 and is back to the pre-corona level.

The Rostock overseas port recorded 2,921 calls (2021: 2,801) by ferries and roro ships.

+7% accompanied trucks (218,000) were transported on the four ferry and three roro connections to and from Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

+6% unaccompanied units also increased: 88,250 trailers.

Investments in infrastructure

  • The replacement construction of the two oldest berths in Rostock overseas port, 31 and 32, was officially started in April 2022.
  • New construction of the east-west road
  • New construction of the A 19 federal autobahn junction
  • Production plant for hydrogen will be built in Rostock overseas port by 2026