January 16, 2020
  • In 2019, a total of 25.7 million tons of goods were handled in the Rostock overseas port. This corresponds to a slight increase of 100,000 tons.
  • There was a slight decline in the ferry and ro-ro traffic. This was compensated by good results in other areas.
  • Overall, the roro volume decreased -4%. The share of rolling cargo in the total throughput was 63 percent.
  • The number of roro freight units decreased with 6.5%
  • In contrast, the number of handled trailers increased with 0.9%
  • The number of cars and RVs transported increased by 3%
  • With the number of 2.5 million ferry passengers carried on the routes to Northern Europe, the previous year’s result was roughly achieved.
  • The number of railway wagons to and from Trelleborg increased sharply, +18% (18,388). Around a fifth of all goods handled in the port are brought in and out by train.
  • -18% paper and cellulose