Moby charters out Moby Dada, Moby Zaza and closes Livorno – Cagliari

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Moby, which has recently closed the ‘concordato preventivo’ procedure pending at the Court of Milan, has chartered the cruiseferry MOBY DADA to Algérie Ferries.

The news has not yet been confirmed by the Onorato-controlled company, but the brand “Algérie Ferries” has already been painted on the ship.  According to market sources, the charter will last until September.

Meanwhile, MOBY ZAZA is currently chartered to Jadrolinija on services to Croatia during an extended overhaul for the MARKO POLO.

Also, this week, news emerged that Moby will close the Livorno – Cagliari, Sardinia, ro-ro line.  The company will concentrate on ro-pax traffic from Livorno to Olbia with the newly built MOBY LEGACY and MOBY FANTASY

Photo: Nicola Capuzzo

Sicilian Region finally orders the long-awaited ferry

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A new ferry, fully owned by the Sicilian Region and entirely “made in Sicily” will provide service to Lampedusa and Pantelleria.

  • The new vessel will be built entirely in the Fincantieri Palermo shipyard.
  • The delivery of the vessel is scheduled for 2026.
  • It will operate on routes between Sicily and the islands of Lampedusa and Pantelleria.
  • LOA
  • GT 14,500.
  • 19 knots.
  • 1,000 people – 200 cars.
  • Dual fuel engines, MDO –
  • A photovoltaic system, along with energy storage in a battery pack, will allow the vessel to remain in port with zero emissions for approximately four hours.

DFDS September Volumes: Freight 2% Lower, Passengers 9% Higher

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Ferry – freight:

  • Total volumes in September 2023 were 1.9% below 2022.
  • North Sea volumes were slightly below 2022 as firm automotive volumes were offset by mainly lower volumes between Sweden and the UK.
  • Mediterranean’s growth trend improved in September as volumes were back on level with 2022.
  • Channel volumes were also on level with 2022.
  • Baltic Sea volumes were below 2022 due to lower demand from both the continuing impact of the war in Ukraine and a decline in the transport of construction materials.
  • For the last twelve months 2023-22, the total transported freight lane metres decreased 10.5% to 38.6m from 43.1m in 2022-21. The decrease was 4.4% adjusted for Channel.

Ferry – passenger:

  • The number of passengers increased 9.4% driven by primarily more Channel passengers.
  • The number of cars increased 0.6%.
  • The total number of passengers increased 37% to 4.5m for the last twelve months, 2023-22, from 3.2m in 2022-21.

Moby announced two new routes between mainland Italy and Corsica (and Sardinia)

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1) Genoa – Ajaccio (Corsica) – Porto Torres (Northwestern point of Sardinia)

The extension of the line to Porto Torres will further increase interchange between Sardinia and Corsica, both from a tourist and a commercial point of view. This bridge between Corsica and Sardinia will be added to the connection that Moby already ensures all year round with the Bonifacio – Santa Teresa di Gallura.

2) Piombino – Bastia: fastest of all the mainland lines to Corsica.

New for this route will be the livery of the ships that will serve the island, with the Moor’s head symbol of the French island and other typical Corsican elements.

Moby selects Kongsberg Maritime for emission-saving propulsion upgrade on five ferries

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Kongsberg Maritime will provide upgrades to Moby passenger ferries’ propulsion systems that are expected to reduce carbon emissions by more than 30,000 tonnes per year

MOBY VINCI, SHARDEN, and MOBY AKI, will all receive a Promas Lite propulsion system, which combines rudder and propeller into one propulsion unit.

MOBY WONDER and MOBY TOMMY will receive re-bladed controllable pitch Kongsberg Kamewa propellers as part of their upgrade.

Moby’s Ro-Ro BENIAMINO CARNEVALE Sold at Auction

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  • Moby’s ro-ro ship, BENIAMINO CARNEVALE, built in 1992, was sold at auction by Compagnia Italiana di Navigazione for EUR 3.25 million.
  • Turkish interests were rumored to be interested in the vessel.
  • The sale is part of Moby’s financial restructuring plan approved by the Court of Milan.
  • BENIAMINO CARNEVALE has a capacity for 99 passengers and 1,820 lane meters.
  • In October 2019, Tirrenia previously sold the ship for EUR 12 million to a North European buyer, but the deal fell through due to delays from banks, causing the sale terms to expire.

Sale & Lease Back agreement signed by Moby and CSSC for the new Chinese ferries

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CSSC (Hong Kong) Shipping Company Limited publicly announced that on 10 May 2023 a sale & lease back agreement with Fratelli Onorato Armatori, company part of Moby, has been sealed for the two newly built ferries MOBY FANTASY and MOBY LEGACY.

Read the full document here.

MOBY FANTASY has just been delivered in May and is now en route to Italy.

MOBY LEGACY is expected to be delivered by August 2023.

Grimaldi filed an opposition to the approval of Moby’s financial restructuring plan

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A statement from Moby published on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange [] announced that competitor Grimaldi Euromed filed an opposition in the Court of Appeal to the approval of the Moby creditor’s composition plan “with an action once again aimed at preventing the continuation of the composition plan approved with the positive vote expressed by approx. 90% of Moby creditors and homologated by the Court of Milan on November 24, 2022.”

This new action is being brought by Grimaldi “despite the fact that the Court of Milan has

rejected in its entirety the previous opposition to the homologation, even declaring it unfounded, condemning Grimaldi to pay the judicial costs,” Moby stated.

The next hearing in front of the Court of Appel will be held on 2 March 2023.

The Vincenzo Onorato – controlled company concluded by saying: “Against this further legal action brought by Grimaldi, already rejected in the first instance, the Company is evaluating in appropriate legal venues any legal action aimed at defending its restructuring plan and the work of its employees.”

Green light to Moby and Compagnia Italiana di Navigazione’s rescue plan by the Court of Milan

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Moby S.p.A. announced that “by Decree dated today, November 24th, the Court of Milan declared the homologation of the Composition Plan proposed by the Company and its subsidiary, CIN S.p.A. (Compagnia Italiana di Navigazione). With this Decree, the Court rejected the only action in opposition brought by Grimaldi Euromed S.p.A., ordering it to pay the judicial costs in favor of Moby and CIN”.

Green light also to the Gianluigi-Aponte-controlled MSC Group to take directly a 49% stake in Moby in exchange of EUR 150 million, of which EUR 81 million will be used to partially repay the debt of 180 million with Tirrenia in Amministrazione Straordinaria (bad company controlled by the Italian economic development minister born when the former public Tirrenia was sold in 2012).

Achille Onorato (Moby) announced new investments for retrofit and newbuilding

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During a conference organized by the Italian shipowners’ association Assarmatori in Livorno, CEO Achille Onorato said to Ferry Shipping News:

  • Moby is preparing a new plan for investments into the retrofit of some ships in the company’s fleet. It will be presented in two weeks’ time.
  • Also considering a project for building new ships for Toremar.
  • The Italian Government put on the table some EUR 500 million, aimed at renovating the tonnage deployed on the cabotage market. Half of the funds coming from the EU Next Gen Program are for newbuilding projects and the remaining half for investments in retrofit.
  • Commenting on the ongoing year, Achille Onorato just said that “the current warm climate in Italy is offering a sort of second season thus resulting in high numbers of passengers travelling to and from the islands” (Sardinia and Elba).
  • Last but not least, both new ferries under construction in China are set to enter service on the Livorno – Olbia route in H1, 2023.