Moby: new ferry routes to Corsica

June 7, 2024

Moby has expanded its ferry services to Corsica with new and enhanced routes, catering to the growing demand from travellers. The additions include two new lines: Genoa-Ajaccio-Porto Torres and Piombino-Bastia.

The Genoa-Ajaccio-Porto Torres route will operate from June to September, with two services per week in June and three in July, August, and September. This new service is designed to provide a more convenient connection, allowing passengers to save travel time and enjoy their holidays in Ajaccio.

The Piombino-Bastia route, the fastest connection between the mainland and Corsica, will run two rotations per week on Saturdays and Sundays during July and August.

In addition to the new routes, Moby is strengthening its existing services. The Livorno-Bastia line sees increased frequency since Easter until November, with daily departures. The Genoa-Bastia route is strengthened from mid-May to the end of September, offering up to two trips per day.

These expansions reflect Moby’s commitment to enhancing accessibility to Corsica, complementing its historic routes: Genoa-Bastia, Livorno-Bastia, and Santa Teresa di Gallura-Bonifacio.