The Swedish Transport Administration awarded the Gotland contract to…

June 28, 2024
  • Alvina Shipping has been awarded the contract for ferry services to and from Gotland for the period 2027-2035 (with two additional option years). (announcement Swedish Transport Administration)
  • Two routes: Nynäshamn–Visby and Oskarshamn–Visby.
  • Alvina Shipping is a Danish subsidiary of Swedish Gotlandsbolaget. This company will be responsible for financial and strategic management. It is a way to benefit from the Danish tonnage tax regime and the zero salary tax for seamen. However, Destination Gotland will operate the services under Swedish flag and crew.
  • The Swedish Government is developing the Swedish tonnage tax to align Swedish shipping with international standards. Gotlandsbolaget is optimistic that Gotlandstrafiken will be fully integrated into this system. If approved, financial and strategic management will be overseen from the island of Gotland too.
  • A ten-day period is available for appeals after the contract award (Nordic Ferry Infrastructure / EQT ?).
  • The current ferry fleet will continue, with a new hydrogen-powered vessel to be introduced in 2028. During the upcoming contract period, a climate requirement applies which means that the operator must reduce CO2 emissions by 30 percent.
  • The Swedish Transport Administration shares the risk of high fuel prices.
  • Note: Gotlandsbolaget also recently acquired the DFDS route between Oslo and Copenhagen.