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Project partners from 13 EU Member States investigate cost-efficient measures to mitigate the risk from ro-ro space fires. The European Commission invests €12 million to solve this international maritime fire safety challenge.

The name of the project is LASH FIRE (Legislative Assessment for Safety Hazards of Fire and Innovations in RoRo ship Environment)

The consortium is coordinated by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and comprises 26 partners from 13 Member States of the European Union, including industry partners, research institutes, universities, regulatory bodies, trade associations and experts in communication and external relations. LASH FIRE will provide a basis for the revision of international maritime regulations and gives European industry knowledge to build safer and more competitive ships for sustainable transport.


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Transporting Goods Between The UK And EU In A No-Deal Brexit: Guidance For Hauliers

The UK Department for Transport is helping commercial drivers get ready Brexit by setting up 150 advice centres and helping drivers plan their journeys by providing a handbook and pocket ma

The EU Describes As “Excellent” Balearia’s Initiative To Restart The Motorway Of The Seas

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  • EU offers to grant a 20% subsidy of the project to convert 5 ro-pax ferries for LNG-power and to start a MoS between Gijón and Nantes-Saint Nazaire.
  • Funds to come from Connect Europe (CEF).
  • Balearia’s budget = €75 million.
  • The EC has reduced the amount eligible to subsidize at €59 million, which means a subsidy of 11,7 million.

EU Transport Commissioner Violetta Bulc Visits North Sea Port

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On 16 September North Sea Port received the visit of EU Transport commissioner Violetta Bulc. North Sea Port is the company managing three merged ports: Ghent, Terneuzen and Vlissingen.

In Terneuzen, the EU commissioner visited the building site of the New Lock. She was able to see the enlargement of the maritime access to the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal. Europe is supporting this project with a contribution of EUR 48m.

In 2022, the first ship will be sailing through the New Lock.

Ghent is an important base for DFDS.

EU agrees with rescue loan for Croatian shipbuilder Uljanik

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The European Commission has found Croatian plans to grant Uljanik shipyard a State guarantee for a €96 million short-term loan are in line with EU State aid rules. The measure will allow the company to meet urgent liquidity needs while preparing a restructuring plan.
The Commission found that the aid is necessary to prevent Uljanik from going out of business immediately and avoid significant (1,800) job losses. Moreover, the company’s liquidity needs over the next months are based on reasonable assumptions and will be monitored by an independent auditor on the basis of weekly liquidity plans. Finally, Croatia committed to notify a restructuring plan for the company within a maximum of six months.

Uljanik has several ships on order or under construction, such as ro-ro’s for CLdN and an expedition cruise yacht for Scenic.

Photo: Uljanik