December 5, 2019

After christening the third new DFDS freight ferry in Göteborg on Friday 29 November, the mega roro started to operate on the Ghent route.
On Sunday 1 December she called for the first time. After her first return trip, DFDS invited the Belgian and Dutch media to show the new ship.
And since Ghent is home.. (all photos: Mike Louagie)

Sam De Wilde, Managing Director of DFDS’ Freight Ferry and terminal activities in Belgium, explained how DFDS has grown the ships in function of the cargo. “We had the Flower-class, then they were lengthened. Now Hollandia Seaways is a 6,800 lane meter ship. She will do two return crossings a week. The two other, smaller ships will also each do two return trips.”

From quay to quay the crossing takes 32 hours. Loading and unloading takes 8 hours. Hollandia Seaways has been designed in such a way that a bigger ship doesn’t mean more time in port. “The roro configuration with ramps etc. allows us to load and unload at the same time,” said Sam De Wilde.

In Ghent they call it “the Volvo Boat”. 40% of the cargo is for Volvo (cars, trucks, suppliers)

Sam De Wilde (Managing Director of DFDS’ Freight Ferry and terminal activities in Belgium), Captain of Hollandia Seaways, Raf De Wit (terminal director DFDS Ghent)