April 30, 2020

Freestyle translation by Ferry Shipping News

  • Corsica Linea went from 7 to 4 ships: 2 on Bastia, 2 on Ajaccio.
  • No link to North-Africa
  • Only a few passengers, majority is freight. In the middle of the crisis freight went down. Then we carried only 70% of the normal capacity. Now we transport 80% of the goods that arrive on the island.
  • Very difficult to predict summer. I don’t know if we will carry passengers this summer. We need to carry people without putting them at risk.
  • We’re going to lose lots of money, but I am not afraid for my company. I am more afraid for the economic earthquake on the island.
  • We have a social ambition. We want to develop the local economy. That’s why we employ French seafarers, not Italians (as Corsica Ferries does, note from editor). They are costing us three times more. We have also decided to only work with food from Corsica.