September 26, 2019

Corsican Ports In July: Less Passengers, More Cargo

In its first summer statistics, the ORTC (l’observatoire régional des transports de Corse) has seen a overall drop of passengers and vehicles for the month of July.

  • -8.7% Ferry passengers (732,444)
  • -8.2% Private Cars (238,396)
  • -2.7% Flight passengers (670,254)

Especially the ferry lines coming from France were affected, with a drop of -12.58% (464,323)

The passengers coming by ferry from ‘other countries’ (Italy) were almost status quo, with a -0.98% drop (268,121)

When counting ferry and air together, the downwards trend for July is -5,91% (a total of 1,402,698 persons).

One remark: July had one weekend less compared with last year.

Freight continues to be good, with an 11.5% rise in July (244,000 lane meters).

Last 12 months

When looking at the statistics over the last 12 months, one can see the airlines on the winning hand, with an increase of 3.22% (4,302,482).

Ferry passengers are in decline, with -4.81% (3,963,870).

It seems people are less enthusiast to take their car across. The average number of cars over a period of 12 months has seen a total decline of -4.11% since July 2018.